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Forum » M484 Game Creation System » Bug Reports » 1 Frame image loss / Animation Overflow (FIXED)
1 Frame image loss / Animation Overflow (FIXED)
Master484Date: Thursday, 2013-12-26, 5:30 PM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
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This is a rare phenomenon, but I have seen this happening a few times...

What happens is that suddenly one of the objects on the screen "loses" it's image contents for the duration of ONE FRAME, and during this one frame an "EMPTY" image is shown in it's place.

But after this the object/image returns to normal and everything works fine...

In most cases this is a harmless bug, BUT it might cause serious issues in some cases, if the flashing "EMPTY" image triggers an unwanted collision, such as "Player vs Death Wall", or something else. But this would only happen if the object's collision method is either "pixel perfect" or "imagebox". And also this might cause problems with gravity/stop wall detection, but again this too would only happen if collisions are "pixel perfect" or "imagebox"...

So using "hitbox" collisions should be a reliable safeguard against the possible side effects of this bug.
And also the "EMPTY" graphics block can be filled with black color, this way you can "hide" the visual effects of the bug, and lessen it's "collision effects".

The exact cause of this bug is unknown. I suspect an "animation overflow", but right now I have no idea why this happens.
Also so far I have only seen this happen with "SEQUENTIAL" animation objects, but I think it can happen with any animation type.
And also this bug seems to be very rare, but I've seen it several times, so it's real. :)

I'll try to fix this to the next version.

But meanwhile, you should take the following safety measures:
1. If your game has "STOP WALLS" or "GRAVITY", then use "HITBOX" collision detection, at least for the Player.
2. Change the contents of the "EMPTY" graphics block totally black.
These two things should be enough to prevent any nasty "side effects" this bug might cause, should it happen to you, or if you want to play it safe. :)
Master484Date: Sunday, 2013-12-29, 4:36 PM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
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Ok, I managed to replicate this problem in the Test Room, and luckily it's not so serious as I first thought. :)

It only seems to happen with objects that have ANIMATION END ACTION = "DELETE OBJECT".

For some reason this causes an animation frame overflow, which can happen when other unrelated objects are "Deleted" in the game area.
Especially when many objects are deleted at once (during the exact same frame), the animation frame overflow usually happens with 100% certainity.

So, in most cases only bullets and explosions are affected by this, because I think only those type of objects might use the ANIMATION END ACTION = "DELETE OBJECT".
So the Player Object, Walls, Enemies and everything else are safe, because their Animation End Actions are usually set to either LOOP or HOLD.

And in all other cases, we can avoid this problem by simply not using the Animation End Action = "Delete"...
Instead, to delete bullets and explosions, we can use the various "Transform IDs", like: "Death Transform ID=DELETE OBJ" and "Lifetime Transform ID=DELETE OBJ".
Because those things still work without any problems.

But in any case, I'll try to fix this bug for the next version, whenever that might arrive. :)
Master484Date: Friday, 2014-01-17, 5:45 PM | Message # 3
Group: Administrators
Messages: 69
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Ok, Fixed in V8.1. :)
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