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New Delay logic in Version 8.1
Master484Date: Friday, 2014-01-17, 11:17 PM | Message # 1
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Version 8.1 brings one change to the various "Delay" variables:
Previously (=in all versions before 8.1) there has been a bug which caused the Delay value of "1" to have no effect at all; setting Delay to "1" was actually the same as leaving it to "0"...likewise Delay value "2" actually caused a delay of only 1 frame...and Delay value "3" actually caused a delay of only 2 frames...and so on.

This bug affected "Movement Delays" , "Shot Delays" and "Animation Delays".

But now in V8.1 this bug has been fixed:
When you now set Delay to "1" it causes a delay of 1 frame, "2" causes a delay of 2 frames, and so on.

And this is important to remember if you are importing an older game project to V8.1: You must take this new Delay Logic into account.
But it's quite simple: You should just decrease all "Delay" values by "1" to adjust them into this new logic.


And also there has been one other change:
In all versions before V8.1, objects automatically inherited scripts during Transforms.
This was true even in V8.0, because the new Data Page 5 "Inherit Script YES-NO" flag was broken.
But now that flag has been repaired, and it defaults to "NO", which means that the current script is no longer automatically inherited during a if you want a script to be inherited during a transform, then set the corresponding flag to "YES" in Data Page 5.

And for older game projects that are imported to V8.1: you should check all transforms to see how they now work...the current script of the object is no longer inherited during a transform, unless the corresponding flag is set to "YES". (For example in "space shooters" you should instantly notice that enemy explosions no longer "move" because they don't inherit the enemys script anymore...but you want this to happen then just set the enemy Death Transforms "inherit script" flag to "YES")
Forum » M484 Game Creation System » Game Making » New Delay logic in Version 8.1
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