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Planned Features
Master484Date: Friday, 2013-11-08, 2:16 PM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
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This is a list of things and upgrades that I'm still planning to add to the M484GCS in the future.

I'll remove items from this list when they have been added by new version upgrades.

And also I may add new items to the list when new ideas appear.


- R-type style Charge Weapon method + meter

- Gradius style Weapon choice system

- Defender style Left/Right scrolling

- 2-Player Mode

- Level Select

- Player Select

- Arcade style "Credits", "Continue Countdown" and "Attract Modes"

- a "Shop" module (will be done as a new "Level category" I think)

- Smash TV style Fire Button Held down ---> Player direction lock

- "Old Weapon Remember" option for Player Transforms. (right now the absence of this limits many things)

- Ability to have a different starting Player Types for individual Levels.

- The Map Editor should be to upgraded to real WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).
Right now it displays objects accoring to their "Level Object IDs"; drawing is started from "ID 1"
and ends at "ID 200", and "Object Layers" are totally ignored...which can be a huge problem sometimes. :(
(In the coding side this is an even bigger problem: The "design solution" for the Map Editor is bad and too
complex...but this can be fixed, and should be.)

- A related problem to the above one:
The EDIT SHELL ---> Shell Editor / Extras Editor thing is very confusing, and must be made more logical.

- Need 360 degrees "aim shooting" script for objects, combined with "degree +- change" feature.

- Need to add a new Object Type (or some other entity) called "SCRIPT GIVER", which will launch a script in the object that collides with it. This allows us to "program" object behaviour in a more accurate way (think about ghosts in a pac-man maze; their movement decisions in intersections will be triggered by this "SCRIPT GIVER")

- The "Curve" and "Half Curve" Scripts are half-broken...although they work and are safe to use, you'll notice quite often the last stage of the curve looks bad...but this is not so serious; a series of "Smooth Aim Move" scripts can be used instead to create smooth looking I don't know what to do with the curve scripts. But it's either Repair or Remove. :)

- A better platformer logic support for the Engine: Ladders, "Jump Through" Platforms, "Speed Dash" for the Player, "Super Mario" style blocks + ability to cause "jump damage" to enemies. When finished, the Platformer model should be able to mimic both Megaman X and Super Mario. :)

- Mouse Support
- Sprite Z-Ordering possibility
- More Screen Resolutions
- Possible Beat'em up support

- Change programming language from BlitzPlus to BlitzMAX.
- BlitzMAX would allow things like Alpha channels(advanced transparency effects) + real time sprite rotation and scaling. Maybe these features should be added.
- Also BlitzMAX would make it easier to port the program to Linux and Mac. (In fact only the BMAX source code would need to be compiled with those machines)
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