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M484GCS V9.0 Release Notes
Master484Date: Saturday, 2014-11-01, 12:09 PM | Message # 1
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Released in July 2014



  I changed the License again:
  Starting from this version the program is released under the Zlib license.
  This is a very simple and easy-to-understand free software license.
  The earlier custom "M484GCS license" that I made was a total mess and too restrictive, so I scrapped it.


  The source code has been greatly improved.
  It now has 3 parts: "", "" and "".
  And both the Editor and Game Engine can now be directly compiled with one mouse click.
  So that complex multi-step procedure with the Game Engine code is now history. smile


  There is now a new value called "Game Name".
  This variable tells the program the "name of the game", and you can change it in the "Edit Values" screen.
  This name is the name that will be displayed on the title bar of the game window.
  If the variable is not found, or an empty value is given, then it'll just display the text "Game".


  1. Oops Button
  Added an "Oops button" to the Map and Shell Editors.
  This allows one quick "undo last coordinate change" to be performed on the current Object or Tile.
  This feature is very useful if you make a mis-click and change object coordinates by accident.
  But the Oops button only "remembers" one XY coordinate at a time: the current object's/tile's position,
  and this value is updated every time when a new object/tile is selected.
  So when you make a mistake, click the button right away, otherwise it can't help you.

  2. Margin Scroll area marker lines
  Added Margin Scroll area marker lines to Map Editor.
  These new lines clearly mark the off-screen game area that can be reached by the Margin Scroll.
  Previously we of course had to estimate these areas, which made things complicated.


  Added 2 new selections: "PLAYER ON-OFF" and "SCREEN BOX ON-OFF".

  Turning the Player "OFF" will destroy all Player objects from the game field, and the Test Room's
  automatic Player creation will stop. Turning the selection back to "ON" will return things to normal.
  Turning Screen Box "OFF" will remove Test Room screen border checks for the Player object.
  These options are useful in some cases; you don't always want the Player to appear, and sometimes
  the screen border check can cause broblems, especially for big Player objects.


  Added 2 new "hot keys" to all editor "data screens": holding down the numpad "2" and "3" keys now
  causes fast value decrease and increase.

  In the Object GFX screen, the numpad "+" and "-" buttons and also the "M" and "N" keys
  can now be used to change the image ID of the currently selected animation frame.

  When the Editor is started, it now loads the last gamefiles folder it finds, just like the Game Engine does.
  (Previously the Editor always loaded the default "gamefiles", even if other folders were present)

  Editor background color change is now faster ( +-2 instead of +-1 ).

  I added a "Known Problems" text file to the main folder.
  This file is basically an outstanding bug/problem list and avoidance guide.


  Switching to Full Screen mode caused a crash on Windows 8.
  The reason for this problem is unknown. The full screen feature worked fine on Windows 7
  and older machines, but now it suddenly seems to cause crash on many Win 8 machines.

  So, as a solution I have removed the full screen mode, and replaced it
  with a "full window" mode, which creates a "screen sized borderless window + canvas"
  instead of changing the actual screen resolution; and in practice this trick looks
  just like a "real full screen".

  But there is one drawback to this:
  We can't anymore switch between Window and Full Window/Full Screen while the program
  is running. So when the screen mode is changed from the Options menu, the changes won't
  take effect until next game restart. (this is caused by the limitations of BlitzPlus;
  all screen modes now use a "canvas", and the size of the canvas can't be changed after
  creation, and also you can't delete a canvas after creating one)

  Also with this update the contents of the options screen images "xfullscreenmode" and "xwindowmode"
  have been changed because these choices now work in a slightly different manner. They now read
  "SCREEN MODE: WINDOW" and "SCREEN MODE: FULL SCREEN". All older projects that are converted to the
  new V9.0 Game Engine should copy-paste these new images too, or change the existing ones to read this way.

  There was a broblem with "animation delay" on Objects that used Directional Animation;
  For example, when movement was started from standing position, the walking animation didn't start
  until the "animation delay" variable of the object had reached "0". This affected both the Player and
  normal objects. But I fixed this by adding a check to the "Set script" and Joystick routines, that
  set anim delay to "0" if the object has not moved the previous frame + with the condition that anim type
  is "Directional" or "Platform" and this seemed to solve the issue.

  Margin scroll stopped working if there was an enemy colliding with a wall.
  This margin scroll stop was only meant to happen when the Player collided with a wall,
  but because of the bug, it was actually caused by enemy-wall collisions as well.

  Player Shot starting coordinates were always misplaced if you "pushed" the Player
  towards a wall while shooting. This was caused by the internal game logic, which creates
  shots before checking for collisions. But this has now been mostly fixed; I added 2 variables
  which correct shot placement XYs if Player has touched a wall during the previous frame...but
  these corrections still can't "catch" the currently "running" frame because of the game logic order.
  And changing this isn't so simple...but still, it's mostly fixed now, and when it happens one can
  barely notice it; only that precise frame when the Player hits a wall and shoots at the same time
  this problem can be seen...and even then the bullet most likely instantly hits the wall and is destroyed.

  "Wall" Objects had a problem with script "move to current direction":
  If a Wall had this script + scroll flag=1 + level had a scroll, then a "wall super acceleration" bug
  happened; the walls got a speed increase every frame, and soon ran out of the screen. The reason for
  this behaviour is very complex, so I'm not going to explain it here, but the problem is fixed now I hope.

  In "Extras Editor" the "shell elements" stayed in fixed positions when the screen was moved.

  In "Advanced Player Options" the last 3 arrow selectors had too big mouse "click zones".
  And also they displayed the directions East and West in reverse order, for example
  North East was displayed as "NW".

  When launching the project from GameEngine, the loading image "XLoading" didn't show up
  if game data folder name was any other than the default "gamefiles". For example naming the
  folder "gamefiles MyGame" caused the XLoading image not to be shown.
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