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Main » 2013 » January » 30 » M484GCS V2.0 Released
5:26 PM
M484GCS V2.0 Released

Ok, version 2.0 is now ready:

This is a major update, which adds many new features to the program.


Here's a quick copy-paste from the "Version History" file, which describes all the new things:


- Object Display Limit has been increased to 500 Objects on Screen.
  So the normal maximum amount of game objects on screen is now 500,
  and the "extra limit" for "special case objects" is at 550.

- The game Fonts are now located in "imagestrips" instead of many separate images.
  This makes modifying them easier and faster; the instructions in the Fonts folder
  tell how to do this.

- In the Visual Shell Editor, the Control Panel can now moved Up and Down.

- Added a "Preview Box" to the data screens.
  This box shows a preview image of the currently selected Object ID,
  OR if a Sound ID is selected, then it allows you to play the sound by clicking it.

- Added an "Item Pick Screen".
  This is a selecting screen which allows direct Object/Image/Tile choosing
  from a "preview pictures catalog". An icon leading to this screen has been added
  to all relevant control panels.

- Added a new Script Attribute: "Script Name"
  All Scripts can now be given a name in the "Edit Scripts" screen.
  This name will be displayed everywhere after the Script's ID number.

- Added a new Object Attribute: "Object Lifetime"
  Lifetime is decreased every frame, and when it reaches "0", the Object dies,
  and makes a Death Transform. The default Lifetime for all new Objects is "Unlimited".
  (This also replaces the old "Animation End Transform" attribute, which didn't work).

- Added two new values for the "Ignore Collisions" Object Attribute:
  This causes the Object to ignore all Player and Player Part collisions, but all
  other collisions will still be read normally.
  Useful for "background enemies", such as ground turrets.
  This causes the Object to ignore all collisions except Player collisions.
  Useful for "power ups".

- In the Map Editor, the "Show Panels" switch has been replaced with "Show Texts".
  Clicking it switches the help texts on-off.
  (The Game Panels are now always automatically drawn when in fullscreen mode.)

- And finally, many small improvements have been made to the Editor:
  In the main menu a title picture has been added to the top panel, and the
  "Save Project" flashing color has been changed to "gentle red" instead of "bright yellow".
  Also some further small additions to the data screens have been done, like some more
  "color coding", "blacking out" certain options in certain cases, and so on.


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