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Ok people, here are some updates:

Firstly, as some of you may already know, we have finally made the decision to offer the Numegalogy software program for free after all. The original plan was to sell it, but this plan has been changed for various reasons.

Here is the download page for the full version:

That is the full unlimited version (V1.0), which has all features activated.
Also this version comes with a PDF-manual/documentation, which the old "lite"-version didn't have.

So, I hope you enjoy the program.
And spread the word about it to all you know.

Because that what you're holding in your hands right now presents the simple, but powerful truth about the universe:
Absolutely everything that exists can be broken down into colorful squares with numbers floating on top of them.

Think about it.
It's true.  :)


I also made one minor change here, as regular visitors may have noticed; I made the pictures in the Download section smaller, so that people don't have to side scroll the screen anymore in order to read the text. Originally I thought that the full sized pics were the best, because they offered the best image quality. But I have changed my mind. The new shrinked images do have some quality loss, but it's not that serious...

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