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M484 Game Creation System


Life is a videogame.
And we are the players.
So the wise men say.

Is your game going well?
Going for the high score?
Determined to find all the bonus rooms?

Or is it going badly?
Just grinding it from level to level?
Wasted many lives already?

Whatever way it's going...
You're still the player.
You're in control.
Or stop.
It's your choice.

But not all people want to play.
They have abandoned the gamepad.
They turned on the autopilot.
And stayed that way.
And now every life they have...
Goes exactly like the previous one.

Are you one of them?
Or are you a real player?

Are you a gray object with legs...
Moving left, then right...
And then left again?
Controlled by the AI?

Or are you a brightly colored sprite...
Moving with a mind and purpose?
Smiling with yourself as you go?

Or maybe you have already evolved...
To the next stage.
Making games.
Instead of just playing them.
Swinging the wizard's wand instead of the joystick?

All real players and game makers...
Welcome to M484 Games.
But autopilot people...
Stay away...
You'll just get stuck somewhere.

" The heart is everywhere, and each part of the organism is only the specialized force of the heart itself."  - Hegel

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