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Latest Version: 9.0

Estimated System Requirements:
OS:       Windows PC
CPU:      1 Ghz
Memory: 2 GB

Programmed with: BlitzPlus

Author: Vesa Markku Vanhatupa , aka "Master484"



The M484 Game Creation System is an easy to use "game making program" and a
construction kit
which gives everyone the ability to make high quality 2D arcade games.
No programming skills required; just bring in some graphics and sounds and click some big
colorful buttons in the editor, and then press the start button to test your products.

Program Features:

- A Simple and Easy to Use Retro Style Menu System

Clear Graphics, Big Icons and a Flashing Selector Ball System give you total control in this
intuitive game developing environment.

- Map Editor
Create game levels in your own style:
Use either Freestyle direct XY coordinate placement, or switch to "Step Mode" anddivide

the whole map into square boxesof any size, and then build your level in Lego Style. Or if
you like doing things Fast, then the
Clone" and "Turbo Clone" features are for you; these
allow you to
quickly copy-paste
anything with just one key press.

- Script Editor
With the Script Editor you can easily create movement models for your game objects.
All the hard parts are already done: Simply select actions from pre-made behaviour models,
like "Goto Coordinate", "Random Move"
, "Follow Player", etc.

Multi-Stage Scripts allow you to make complex movement patterns:

Create Waypoint Loops, Sneak Attacks, Zig Zags, Left-Rights, Stop-Move-Stops,
Turbo Charges..
anything that comes into your mind.

- Shell Editor
Create all your Game Menus, Options screens, Highscore screens, Status Panels and other
stuff by moving pre-made building blocks around the screen.

Then replace the contents of those building blocks with your own graphics, and that's it.

- An advanced Game Object System
The program has highly advanced Game Objects, which are fully customizable by the user.

The Game Objects are everything in the game: Enemies, Bullets, PowerUps, Special Effects,
Walls...even the Player character is an Object.

Each Game Object has nearly 100 attributes, all of which you can change.
In addition to basic things like Energy and Speed, you can set details like "Special Hit Status",
"Shot Chance", "Gun Location", and so on.

Also every Game Object has:
-An unlimited ability to transform into any other Object.
-An unlimited ability to "shoot out" (=create) any other Object.

The different ways of how this Object Transform/Creation feature can be used are almost
limitless. And when combined with Script making, this allows anyone to quickly
create insanely complex game events, special effects, and other cool stuff.

Other Features:

- Add your own graphics into any part of your game. (2000 image files max, no size limit)
- Add your own sound effects into various game events.
- Add your own musics:
You can set individual musics to the game menu, to every game level, to the "game over" and
"game complete" screens... And even every Boss Enemy in the game can have it's own theme music.

- Make both Horizontally and Vertically Scrolling levels, as well as simple stationary ones.
- 3 Scroll methods: Auto Scroll, Push Scroll and Margin Scroll
+ many speeds to choose from.

- Make Cutscenes that appear before, after or between game levels.
- Support for both Keyboard and Gamepad controls.
- Smooth 50 Frames Per Second screen update rate.
- Pixel perfect collision detection.
- A fast Game Engine capable of displaying 100+ moving objects without slowdown.

- Create standalone games which are able to run independently from the Editor.
+++ Lots More


And now you might think that doing all those things has to be hard...but that's not true. :)
To aid your creation process, the program has a "Test Room", where you can instantly test
all objects, movement scripts,
sounds, and so on.

So after you have made something, you can instantly drop that something into the Test Room,
and see how it works. For example, if you have made an enemy ship,
you can test it right away.
In the test room, you just point your mouse to the screen and click once, and your newly
created game object will appear. Or click many times, and many objects will appear. Then just
click the "TEST" button, and you can start interacting with your own creations right away.

With this program you can create an arcade quality action
game in just a few days.
So try it out, and see all this with your own eyes. :D





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