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"The Numegalogy Project" was cancelled in the beginning of the year 2015, and because of this the Numegalogy software is currently unavailable for purchase or download. It may become available again in the future, but the timetable for this is uncertain.



System Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 --- at least 2GB of RAM recommended
Programmed with: BlitzPlus
Authors: Master484 & Ennea

Numegalogy is a recreational mathematics system that has some characteristics in common with its ancestors; arithmancy, numerology, and Gematria.


We recently learned that our initial calculations resulted in something like a Vedic square, which is described as a 9 x 9 multiplication table reduced to its digit roots. Vedic squares have long been in use as a fun way to sharpen math skills, particularly for those who struggle and want to get better. They can stimulate intuitive leaps and help people improve at mentally solving math problems with regular practice.


The Numegalogy software delivers mathematical patterns based on user text entries, 'personalized' through the ability to put in names, phrases, and dates. The resulting patterns are called "Acres" to which users can apply multiple color combinations and textures in a few different ways.


The Numegalogy system was originally discovered by "Ennea", who showed it to me, and we then decided to make a computerized version of it. I handled the programming part, while she made most of the graphics and the documentation. And during many years of development more and more features were added, and the end result is quite an unique computer program, that has now reached it's 4th major version revision.


* * *

Some features of the program include:


- Polished visuals and an easy-to-use icon based interface

- 3 different acre generation modes: Numega, Element and Woodcut

- Ability to save the acre patterns as BMP images

- Freely customizable color palette for the acres + color and letter field randomizers

- Multiple Themes and an in-built "Theme Editor" that allows you to customize the looks of the program

- A separate PDF manual as well as an in-program reference guide to get you started in Numegalogy

* * *

The Numegalogy system is a fun and harmless way to get yourself started in "number magic". Find interesting combinations and sequences, generate colorful and modern "square art" pieces, and contemplate at the numeric nature of our universe.


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