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The Old World Order

Here is a general description about the power elite and their institutions, or the "Old World Order", that we are resisting, or at least pretend to be resisting.

But surely you already know them. They're the people who "lord us" every day.
But for the sake of clarity, let's describe them once more.


Facts about the Old World Order

1. The world is controlled by a global elite of 6000 members.

2. 94% of them are male and the average age is 60.

3. 2% of the world population own 50% of the world's wealth.

4. 1100 billionaires own twice as much wealth as the 2.5 billion poorest people.

5. The world's 50 biggest financial institutions control a third of the world's wealth.

6. The 250 biggest corporations generate nearly a third of the world's GDP.

(Source: "The Superclass and the World they are Making" by David Rothkopf)


Members of the Old World Order

Almost all individuals and families in the positions of power belong to the Old World Order:

The super rich, top bankers, top politicians, bosses and owners of the megacorporations, media moguls, super celebrities, religious leaders, and the leaders of the military, police and intelligence services.

All who belong to the "nobility": the royal and aristocratic houses of the United Kingdom and Europe. These "royal bloodlines" are going on quite strongly, despite the so called democracy that we live in. Many countries still have a king or queen sitting at the top of the society. They may not have much actual power anymore (at least not officially), but there they sit anyway, just like they did in the middle ages.

All of the so called "family dynasties": Rockefeller, Rothschild, Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Reynolds, Van Duyn, Li, Bush, Onassis, Brzezinski, Kissinger, Kennedy, Murdoch, Ackermann, Russel, Trump, Buffet, Sorros, McDonald, Merkel, Sarkozy, Bernanke, Greenspan, Gore, Clinton etc etc.

The "top names". The names who rule. The names who own everything.
In fact, when you hear a family name that you have "heard sometimes before", chances are it's an OWO family.

The members of the Old World Order own and control all major corporations, banks, investment companies, weapons industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, the entertainment sector, religion, media companies, and generally almost everything else worth owning.
The single most important institution of the OWO is the investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Many secret societies
and organizations are parts of the Old World Order: Freemasons, Skull and Bones, the Bullingdon Club, Bohemian Grove, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc.


Methods of the Old World Order

Here are the main methods of the OWO that they use to control people, and to rig the game in their own favor.

1) Democracy
The elections are a rigged game, a big media circus where the candidates with the most money and the best connections have a huge advantage over everyone else. And in many cases the candidates themselves have been carefully chosen by the Old World Order. It doesn't matter who wins the elections, the winner is always one of "their boys/girls".

2) Free market capitalism
Do you own capital? If not, then you have lost a game called "Capitalism". Only the rich can win in capitalism. The role of all others is to serve them as faithful consumers/producers.

3) Psychology
The philosophy of the elite can defined as: Richness = superior moral principles.
This is also how they want the ordinary people to think, and they have made a good job at it.
The rich are practically worshipped as gods.

4) Junk food and TV (bread and circuses)
The logic behind this formula is simple: When the people are fat and in poor shape, they will more likely rather watch TV, than start rebelling.
Also, as long as the people aren't hungry, and know that they'll get enough food every day, no matter what happens, they will feel comfortable. And it's psychologically hard to risk this comfortable state, to risk your own well being, by doing something extreme, such as rebelling.

5) Religion
Bow down and fear the God, avoid sinning, wait for Jesus or whoever, and in the end you'll be "saved". Don't resist the elite, because their high position is God's will, just obey the "holy book" no matter what, and in the end everything will be fine. The mainstream religions were created to cause the people become passive and submissive, unable to rise against their oppressors.

6) Law
The main purpose of the law and the justice system is to protect the interests and the wealth of the elite.

7) Conspiracy theories
The mainstream CT-theories work just like the religions do: they keep the people waiting for things that are never going to happen. Lizardmen, microchippings, the supposed coming of Niburu, aliens, antichrist, 'the harvest', doomsday etc etc. Millions of words of "research material" exists about these topics, and most of that all is either total nonsense or personal fantasies and beliefs of private individuals, which they for some reason decided to publish on the internet, causing everyone to get hooked on them.

8) The military and the police
The armed wing of the Old World Order. Cause too much harm, and they'll "rock you".


The Lifeblood of the Old World Order :
Inherited wealth

All the people in the world can be split into two types of families: Poor families (a majority) and rich families (a small minority, the so called "elite").
During the entire history of humanity, a person's social status has always been predetermined by the wealth of his/her parents.

When a person dies, his wealth is transferred to the next generation. The heirs of a poor person inherit almost nothing, while the heirs of a rich person inherit considerable amounts of wealth. Almost without exception those who inherited the poor person were already poor, while those who inherited the rich person were already rich. This way the poor stay poor, and the rich keep getting richer.

The heirs of the rich person most likely do some business with the inherited wealth, and this way the amount of the wealth they own increases. This increased amount is then eventually again transferred to the next generation of rich kids.

Because of this, wealth has always:

1. Stayed inside certain families
2. Increased continuously

These "inheritance chains" have continued hundreds or even thousands of years, depending on the elite family in question. As a result, we have a small group of extremely rich families, who quite literally own the entire world.

The only people the super rich families can trust, are other super rich families. That is why these families have made an alliance with each other, because they have a common enemy: the ordinary people. And this is how the Old World Order, a network of dynastic families, was born.



The power of the Old World Order is based into inheritances, privileges and family connections. The elite have not earned their position through talent or hard work. They got it as their "birth right". The OWO puts itself above everyone else. To them, their own family is everything. They don't care about anyone else. All poor and middle class families in the world are simply their slaves. To them, 99% of the world's population is trash.

In the United States, the top 400 families have as much wealth as the lower half (50%) of the entire population. This statistic demonstrates the enormous gap between the elite and the normal people. The members of the OWO are literally Gods amongst men, if we measure godhood in material wealth.

They own. (businessmen and bankers)
They rule. (presidents and monarchs)
They rock. (police and military)
They're cool. (celebrities and sports stars)

Compared to them, we are nothing.
We just suck. :D

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