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The following piece of text provides a short definition of meritocracy. The different aspects of meritocracy are analyzed more in-depth in their own articles.


The state will make sure that everyone has equal opportunities in life. All sorts of privileges based on wealth and family background will be removed. Our talents should determine our success in life, and not the wealth of our parents. In practice, this is achieved by implementing a 100% inheritance tax. This tax is the bedrock of meritocracy, and it will cause the end of the super rich family dynasties who are controlling our current system.

In addition to the 100% inheritance tax, there should be a "wealth limit" of some kind, which sets a maximum limit to the amount of money one can earn per month or per year. This limit might be something like 20 times the amount that the lowest paid individual in the society earns, or alternatively we could set an annual earning limit, like 1 million euros per year, and all earnings above that will go to the state. The purpose of this wealth limit is to prevent individual persons becoming super rich; like having more wealth than small nations.

Poverty should be eliminated from the world. This goal would be achieved by implementing a Basic Income system of some kind.

The society should be led by the most intelligent and talented people available. A new reasonable testing/voting system of some kind must be developed in order to identify these people, and to ensure that the society will be led by the best people available. The old "vote for the biggest face" media circus method will be abandoned, and replaced with this new system. Most likely there will still be elections of some kind, but the voting itself will be done by experts and educated people, instead of a general mass vote.

All monarchies will be abolished. All monarchs and "royal families" are relics from the past, and it's about time to abolish these old privilege based systems.

All children should have the right to grow up without religious brainwashing. In schools, children should be taught about the real nature of every major religion, the good and the bad points of each clearly analysed, so that they can make an informed decision on what to believe.

The education system in general should be redesigned, so that it will start producing intelligent and brave people capable of critical thinking, instead of stupid "shoppers".

The patriarchal thought models must be abolished, and replaced with a balance and equality between men and women. In our contemporary society almost all institutions, organizations, economy and religions are led by men. This unbalance needs to be taken care of.

High culture like philosophies, arts, creativity, nature values and such should be given a higher status than what they now have in our contemporary "Let's watch TV" - culture. The minds of the people must be freed from "the box".


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And finally, in comparison, here are the two opposite systems to meritocracy; plutocracy and oligarchy:

Officially our current democracy isn't a plutocracy or oligarchy...But the strong connections between money and power makes our current "democratic model" in fact a hidden plutocracy/oligarchy.
So down with the Old system, and in with the New.




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