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System Requirements: Windows PC
Programmed with: C++ / SFML (New version) , BlitzPlus (Old version)
Author: Master484

Color Guess is a simple and fast "guessing game", where you try to guess the color that will appear next.
There are ten colors to choose from, so statistically you can hope to achieve only 10% hit ratio in the long run.

But if you have psychic powers, then it should be possible to score higher. For example, if you have a 20%+ hit ratio after 100 tries, and if you can repeat that at will, then you're psychic for sure. Or if you regularly get results between 10-19%, that might also mean you have psychic powers.

This program is a simple but useful tool for improving your intuition.

Show this to all fortune tellers and "gurus" near you, so that you can find out if they have any real talent.


Two program versions are available: "old" and "new".

The new one has 8 colors and better graphics, the old one has 10 colors and simple gfx.




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