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This is a "test zone", which contains various "test programs", such as technical tests, experimental code, small projects, tutorials, and other random stuff. Also source codes will be included with each program that is put here, so you can think of it as a learning resource/random program storage.


BlitzPlus - Full Screen Program using a Normal Window

This example shows how to resolve the Windows 8 "full screen crash" problem that BlitzPlus currently suffers from. In short the solution is to use a Window+Canvas that is expanded to fill the entire screen, and then using "CanvasBuffer"+FlipCanvas for all drawing operations. This way "full screen" can be achieved without changing the actual screen mode. And when you combine this with simple GraphicsHeight and GraphicsWidth checks in the beginning, your program can always create a screen sized size Canvas, no matter what the screen resolution is. Examine this simple example to see how it works.





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