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Meritocratic Elections

How should the election system work in a meritocracy?


The old system

Let us first take a look at how our current election system and politics in general work.
In most democratic countries the process goes like this:

Almost all politicians are members of some political party. So in everything that they do or say, they must represent their party's values and agenda.

The whole political system is party-driven. Being independent is theoretically possible, but then you'll have hard time getting into any powerful position, because you don't have the support of a political party. So if someone wants to enter politics, he/she must join some party. You have to abandon your own ideas, and adopt a value system created by someone else. Or then you must create a new party of your own, but challenging the existing hegemony of the old parties is almost impossible, because often the "old power parties" have been in power for centuries, taking turns in ruling the country.

The elections are a big, media-driven popularity contest. Those candidates who can spend the most money into their campaigns, have a huge advantage over everyone else. Money, connections and visibility are the main keys to election success. Which means that most elections are won by people with money and connections; who most often are either members of the elite or puppets of the elite.

In democracy, every adult citizen is allowed to vote. It doesn't matter if you have no idea or expertise at all about the actual political issues. First there is a massive media show, then everyone picks their favourite candidate and casts their vote, and that's it. The average person's vote is worth as much as the vote of the most intelligent person in the country. And because the average persons form the majority of the population, the election results are determined by the average persons. And most of their votes are split between the most popular candidates, which means that one of the "big money candidates" wins every time.


So, what this causes, is that in democracy, the same old political players stay in power forever. The same old agendas prevail time after again, while the new ideas barely have any chance to make it. Politics in our "democracy" are controlled by money. The Old World Order owns the political system. It decides what agendas are allowed in politics, and what are not.


The new system

So, the solution to this problem is to create a new political system.

In a meritocracy, the four points given above will be changed as follows:

All political parties should be abolished, so that there are no parties. All canditates will be independent, and everything they do and say will represent their own values.

The political system will be individual-driven. So instead of parties we will have real persons and real opinions.

The elections will be based into the evaluation of each candidate. Their skills, abilities, goals and backgrounds will be analysed, and the final selection will be based into informed decisions. There will be no political campaigns or media circus.

In meritocracy, only people who have an appropriate education or other qualifications are allowed to vote.

People will get multiple votes in all subjects where they have demonstrable ability and knowledge.

Academic qualifications, work experience, and passing citizenship exams will get you a votes in the relevant subject.

So for example people who have an economics degree, or who work in the economical sector, can vote on who should be running the economy.
If you have no knowledge about economics, then you won't be allowed to vote on this subject.

Also, in a meritocracy, we won't be voting for random politicians.
Instead we will vote for experts, with the aim of getting the best available people to positions of power.


If we change the voting system into the model described above, then we have maximized the chances of getting good people in power. In a way elections would be transformed into a scientific process, which aims to find the best possible solution into the task at hand.

This is also the answer to the common question "Who decides Merit?".
The meaning of Merit in any specific field will be decided by those people who have an understanding of the field in question.


So there you have it. The new meritocratic election system will be simple and rational. This is the way we should handle things.

From Dumbocracy to Meritocracy.

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