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System Requirements: Windows PC
Made By: Master484


"Candy Heads - Apple Scroll Fighters Saga" is an experimental shmup that I made for the CandyJam game jam. I combined some newly made "candy graphics" with some older abstract gfx that have been sitting on my computer for a long time, and the results look quite funny. :)

This is a one level blast, where your aim is to beat the candy "King" who awaits you in the end. But all sorts of nasties attack you on the way: candy boxes, candy machines, and psychedelic orbs and green flies...and also you'll notice that this game has a lot of apples in it: eat them: they're worth 100 Points. 15000 Points gives you an extra life, and also destroyed candy factories leave floating red and yellow squares behind; collect them to transform into a more powerful candy head form.

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