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Today is the 14th of April, and that is my birthday.
Which means that my current physical body is now 28 years old.

I'm becoming more "middle aged" by every passing day, without any hopes of getting younger.
A few years more, and I'll turn 30.
What can I say.


But at least many interesting things have happened on April 14th in the past, here's a list:

Although it seems that this day is mainly full of catastrophes.

Jerusalem was sieged and destroyed around 14th of April:

Titanic hit an iceberg on 14th April, (and sunk the following day) :

Also Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, Sputnik 2 fell from orbit, a cargo ship exploded in Bombay, hailstones, dust storms, and some other things. Oh well.


But let's not fall into depression.


Also the Numegalogy software was updated to version 1.1.
I have updated the links in the Download section.
The new version corrects some bugs and adds some new things.

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