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Here in Finland people can now study in university to become a video game professor:

Who could have imagined some 30 years ago that this would actually happen someday?
Videogaming has become an academic subject.
It is now officially respected.

So, you know what this means folks?
I may have not wasted my life after all.  :)

Because I have played videogames since the beginning of gaming history, from the 80'ties to the 90'ties, and then all the way up to the modern 2000+ era. I have seen it all folks. A massive database of different games exists in my head. I have virtually played every game ever made. I have learned advanced skills such as "full screen focus", "turbo fingers" and "I knew it".

But instead of being a hopeless nerd, I'm actually a life long scholar of higher science.

Although of course I don't have that university degree, so I can't call myself a professor...
So instead, I shall call myself a "video game philosopher".
Yeah, that sounds cool.

"M" is the name, "484" the game.

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