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1:10 PM
Battleships win wars

So, a while ago I finally managed to draw a picture that got a decent amount of faves at Pixeljoint. :D

Here it is, the famous German WW2 pocket battleship "Graf Spee" :

21 faves so far, way to go Admiral Graf Spee, you didn't sink for nothing lol.

And indeed, it's a nice pic, although I basically copied it from a photo of a painting made by Roy Huxley, that I found in an old 80's Matchbox catalog.

And after this I draw another ship, the HMS Exeter:

Used the same technique, and this one too is pretty good, although in PJ it got somewhat unluckly; quite soon after getting posted it "sank with the flood", managing to grab just 3 faves before disappearing from the page of new submissions. But of well, that happens.

Also I have made a new "WIP section" here, where I'll post "work in progress" screenshots from my works, including reference pics, if any were used:

3 WIPs have been added so far: the two ships and the "Turbo Race" that I made last year. But for a lot of older stuff I don't even have WIP shots, so not everything will be added there.



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