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5:39 PM
Candy update

A new M484GCS game has been released, Candy Heads - Apple Scroll Fighters Saga:

It's a short "crazy shmup" that I made for the CandyJam game jam:

The idea of this CandyJam is to make lots of games which use the word "candy" in the title. :D


And for those who don't already know, a company called "" has recently trademarked the word "candy". :D
You can read more about this thing here:

In short, the story is this:
King owns this one popular game: "Candy Crush Saga".
And in fact it's so popular, that King now thinks they own the word "candy" when it comes to videogames. :D
So from now on, anyone making a game with the word "candy" in the title might be infringing on King's trademark.

And this of course effectively "bans" the usage of the word "candy".
No-one would dare to use this word anymore if that might cause possible legal problems for them.

Which of course is problematic if your game somehow deals with "candy".
How can you make a "candy game" without using the word "candy"?

But look: there is one other word that we can still use: "SWEETS". :D
Look how generous they were; they still left us the word "sweets". :)

But now that I think about it, maybe "sweets" is actually something of a "cheap word", something that the "common folk" would use, while "candy" is a more "premium word", reserved for the upper class...the common folk is not worthy of the word "candy"; when talking about the sugary-eatable-things we must only use the word "sweets".

But if someone would decide to trademark "sweets" as well, then there would be no words left for us...
From that point onwards only the trademark holders of "candy" and "sweet/sweets" could safely make candy-themed games...
All others would no longer have "safe" words to describe their candy games, and so they couldn't make them.


What we are seeing here is censorship of commonplace words, so that one giant company can maximize it's profits and kick competition out of the market.
And if they are successful, then others will surely follow...all sorts of words could end up being trademarked, such as "birds", "space", "clans", "bug", "star", "poker", "slots", "fast", "speed", "heroes", "magic", "story" and so on...
Because if one company is allowed to do it, then other companies will soon join, grabbing common words that they might see as their "intellectual property".

And so, we would end up in a situation where almost every word is someone's "intellectual property" and has been trademarked.
A small group of multinational corporations, who own the Rights to every single word people write, say or use...
You can use any words you want...if you can afford it.


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