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11:27 AM
Current Progress

Okay, here is the current state of the "game creator" project:

I'll finish the program and release it during this coming month, which is October.

Originally I imagined that it would already be ready this month (September), but I have underestimated the size and complexity of the program. Some features that I imagined could be programmed in just a few hours, instead take a few days. And so the release of this thing has been delayed time after time. :)

This is the biggest program I have ever done, and more complicated than all my other programs put together.
And now, after doing some 75% of it, I realize that maybe it would have been better to leave some advanced features out from the first version, and instead add them later, so that the code wouldn't become so huge and complex. But it's too late to worry about it, what has been started, must be finished.

But now, when the finish line is already visible in the horizon, I know that I can do it.
Just a "few weeks more", as the saying goes, and it will be ready. :D
And as you know, I have now said that several times already, but this time I think it really will be true.
Sometimes during October, sooner or later,  it will be ready.
Hopefully sooner.


And then starts the public beta-testing period, which means that all you brave volunteers out there can then test the program, to see that it works as intented.

And all who are interested to try it out, can already start making some graphic and sound files ready...
The graphics files must be in PNG or BMP format, and the sound files in MP3 or WAV format.
Name the graphics files "image1", "image2" and so on, and the sound files "sound1", "sound2", and so on.

But do not try to do anything too ambitious just yet, just get some basic resources ready, if you want to test the Beta-version.


Okay that's all for now.
I shall now concentrate finishing this project, so that it finally gets done. :)

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cool biggrin Looks fun, hehe.

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