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8:02 PM
Jan 2015 - Captain's Log

So, as you may have noticed, for the last few months things have been pretty quiet here.

In short the story is this: Around November 2014 I totally lost my motivation and power to continue these programming projects, and also other things have been taking my attention and time.

The original plan was to get the Numegalogy SFML translation ready by Christmas, but in 2 months I got only about 20% of it done, and it's unlikely that it would be completed any time soon. And so, the whole Numegalogy Project has now been cancelled, and the program has been pulled out from the Her Space store. The thing is that without the SFML translation the program would have most likely been incompatible with the upcoming Windows 10, and as such it can't be really sold.

And so, we now have a product that was intented to be commercial, but can't be sold. But also because of the commercial goal and the months of work invested into it, we just can't simply release it as a free download again. So the Numegalogy software is now stuck in a limbo of sorts, and it's future is uncertain.


But all the other programs here are of course still free and available for download, and will remain so as long as this site continues to exist. And exist it will; I have bascially paid the service costs until the next ice age. :)


But all of this stuff: the M484GCS, the God's Calculator and the others may not work at all on future Windows versions, unless I translate them C++/SFML, or unless BlitzPlus somehow gets a major version update. And it's the massive translation job that really broke me: I just can't write all of those code lines again. In the M484GCS alone there are over 50000 lines, and while the end result of those lines is a really cool program, translating those lines into a completely different coding language certainly isn't cool...If I was paid to do it, I might go for it, but for free, no thanks.

Some of you might now wonder why I won't put up a Paypal donation button, or gather funds through Patreon or some other thing, or maybe try to sell the M484GCS for some small price...Well, in short the story is this: I'm "in benefits", and have to report my monthly income to the "authorities" here. All money that I would get, either from donations or software sales, would be directly deducted from my benefits. So that sort of thing wouldn't help at all...I'll rather make everything available for free. And now some of you might wonder, didn't I just sell the Numegalogy a while ago? Well, the sales were handled by my friend Ennea on her own website, and because of my situation an agreement was made that all the money from the possible sales would have gone 100% to her, unless the program somehow became a "super hit" that would sell in the tens of thousands...which it most certainly didn't. :)


So, but what else is there to say?

Is this the end of M484 Games? I don't know.

Right now a lot of my time is going into other matters, that I won't discuss least not yet. Maybe in the future my new project and this "games site" could be combined, but right now that's still in the distant future.

So let's just play the Game Over cutscene from Wing Commander 4:




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