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3:53 PM
Numegalogy Version 3.0 Released

Numegalogy V3.0 has been released, and you can download it here:


This update adds a new mode to the program, which is the "Woodcut Mode". This mode uses a brand new formula to create patterns which resemble woodcuts. It uses "tilesets" instead of the standard color squares to achieve that "woodcut look".

There are 10 tilesets available, which can be freely modified and changed by the user; the instructions on how to do this can be found in the folder which contains the tilesets. :)

Also a few other upgrades have been made; the Element Mode Sectors and Quadrants now display differently, a "reference screen" was added to the main menu, the graphics have been slightly improved, and some small bugs have been fixed. And also the program manual was updated.


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