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11:48 PM
Random post

Here's a nice video, which shows random footage from several old Amiga games. :)

Back then all games were like that; almost everything was presented using 2D graphics.
Games were simple, very easy to learn, and fun.

And if you now take a closer look at some of those games, you'll notice that many seem quite similar...only the graphics and the sounds are different, but otherwise they look like almost the same game...and if you could get the game engine from one these games, you could then quite easily create a new game by just changing the graphics, the sounds and the level design.

And this is exactly the idea behind my current project:
I will provide you the game engine, and an easy-to-use "visual editor program", which together form a "game creation kit" of sorts.
So this way you'll already have the actual game "program" in your hands.
The only thing that you have do, is to provide the graphic and sound files, and then you use the editor to "build" any game you wish.

So it'll be a little bit like Windows Movie it too the user just needs to provide the graphic images and sound files, and then put them together, and bang, a new video is born. No programming skills needed, just creativity.


And soon it'll be ready.
Just a few weeks more.
Stay excited.  :D

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