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2:20 PM
Roxette Nananana Code

Yesterday, on Saturday 15.8., there was a big concert here in my hometown in Vaasa, Finland; the main artists being Alphaville and Roxette.

And because the event was held at a sports stadium located next to my house, I could basically listen the whole thing for free, including Friday practise sessions. Can't beat that. :)

The Roxette part lasted for about two hours, and they played many of their most famous songs, including "Joyride", "Dangerous" and "The Look".

And it was "The Look" that caught my attention with it's "nananana" chants, the sequences were clearly arranged in a certain way, a little bit like morse code...and so I put those nanana parts into God's Calculator, to see what would come up.

And bingo, the very first "nananana na" part resulted in values of "360" and "90"...which I instantly realized were codes for geometrical patterns: the 360 degree full circle and a 90 degree turn.

And so I went through more of it, combined the results, and came up with an interesting image:

So, what we here is a circle within a circle, and a cross that divides the circles into 4 parts, symbolizing the 4 elements. And in the middle there is a half circle, symbolizing a cup and the holy grail, and the "P" is something that grows from the cup, symbolizing the soul and the fifth element.

This image is a mandala, a meditation pattern of the holy grail...and the "Nananana chant" in the song itself is a "pop music version" of the same thing.

And as always, there is more...the lyrics of the song "The Look" ask: "What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue?", when a brown-eyed girl "turns blue" she of course becomes a "blue girl". And all of these words: "the look", "blue girl" and "joyride" give the number value of 516...and so do the words "triangle", "pyramid" and "infinite"; so the brown-eyed girl turned blue, and took a joyride to the top of the pyramid. :)

And of course, more hidden things can be found in other Roxette songs, but you can discover them for yourselves. :)


Stuff like this can be found in many songs from many various artists...and the usual explanation that the conspiracy theorists give you are that "the illuminati" put those things there...but usually that's not the case. It's just mathematics that manifests itself in this way...everything that we say or sing carry subconcious messages...and there is no way to hide these messages from "coming out" in one way or another, the truth of all things is mathematical, and mathematics is "open source", it's a subtance that can be coded and de-coded to discover new meanings.


In other news, I have just released an expansion pack for the Mini Knight GFX set check it out:

This pack adds better level tiles, more animations, and more enemies...all free and released into the public domain, can't beat that. :)


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