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Here are some interesting old TV commercials, which all seem to have some references to the 9/11 attacks.
Let's take a look.

First, "make the moment sparkle" with Martini & Rossi:

And then a reference to the jumpers in this AT&T commercial:


And finally, a Taco Bell/Tomb Raider commercial from June 2001, just a few months before the attack:

Stop at 0:17 ; there's a plane picture.
And Stop at 0:28 ; there are two sacks of cash, which resemble the twin towers a lot.

And in the end the guy says "I saw that".


Now, a lot of people seem to think that these references are proof that the 911 attacks were an "inside job", and that "our masters" are playing mind games with us by telling us in advance what is going to happen...But I think that in most cases that's not true. We just knew in our collective subconscious about what was going to happen, and this "knowing" then got transferred into these commercials, and into other places too.

For example I myself remember making two prophetic drawings in an art class back in 1999 or something, the other one showed a burning skyscraper, and the other one showed falling buildings, and when I many years later took a look at them, I instantly thought that "hey, did I kinda predict 911 here?". And yes, in a way I did, but of course I didn't have "inside knowledge" or anything like that, I just drawed what "came into my mind", and the result was a half-prophetic prediction.

The same more or less goes for these commercials I think. So yes, they are prophetic, but the people who made them really didn't know what was going to happen. Or to be more accurate: they knew it in their subconscious, but not in a conscious level.


Although I have to say that that Taco Bell commercial is indeed highly suspicious...
And it aired so close to 9/11...
And in their menu they have those "VolcanoDouble Beef Burritos" and stuff like that...
So maybe they actually knew.

And take a look at the Taco Bell loco:

At first glance it looks like a normal bell...

But look closer:
It's actually a pink colored condom.

And also:
The bottom part of the bell is actually an eye (evil looking, yellow, with a reptilian iris...)

I saw that.

Now, download my games, and go "play them at the bell".

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