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Ok, time to "tweet" my status here again.

After finishing the latest Numegalogy update (2.0) some time ago, I have been thinking on what to do next.

In the past I have started various "mega projects", for which I have made plans and graphics, and in some cases even some code...but in all cases I have given up on them, because they were so huge. These projects include a "game creator", strategy games, RPGs, and stuff like that. But all of them are mega huge, and slow projects for just one person to make.

And I actually started continuing one "space strategy" game project, and managed to push it a few centimeters closer to completion. But then I gave up on it. It would take something like 6 months to complete...and I lack the discipline to commit myself into a project for that long time.

I'm a "rush programmer". My style is to complete things fast. And when I try to program a big project, I start it full of energy, and try to finish it fast. And usually good progress is made in the beginning. But then at some point I realize that I have just completed something like 5% of the project, and 95% still remain. And then I lose motivation, and abandon the project.

Right now I have nine (9) such incompleted projects in my files, and all of them are in the "5% stage".

So maybe I should just stay doing small programs, because that is what I do best. But I think one day I'll complete one of the big ones too. And in fact they aren't necessarily so big anyway...they just feel big, because they're so ambitious. Let's see what I decide.

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