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What's the name of the game, asks this song.

Yes, what indeed? I have several name candidates for my next program, and one of them I must choose. And I'll probably choose the coolest name that I have in my mind...

And what might it be? Well, you'll see it when the time comes. :)


So the next program will be a "game creator" of some kind.

The aim is to make this creator as simple and as easy to use as possible.
The only thing that the user has to do, is to provide his/her own graphics and sound files, and then to "build" the game using the program's editor.
No programming, no complex menus, no hassle...just copy, paste, and push the button, and that's it.

There will probably be some limitations, especially in the first release version, but as time goes on, I'll then add more and more to it.

The current plan is to make a game creator, which can easily replicate most 8-bit and 16-bit action/arcade games.
So, the games that one can make with it, will probably resemble the classic console and computer games; C64, Amiga, NES, SNES, and so on.

Because I'll have to draw the line there, in order to keep it simple and fast.
So modern 3D games are out of the question...
In fact, gaming years 1980-1993 is the "timeframe" we are talking about here...

So it'll be able to do only 2D games, like platformers and shoot'em ups.
And maybe also "classic 3D", if I decide to add a simple 3D module to it.
But it's too early to give any accurate details.

So, I'll now concentrate my efforts on programming the first release version.
And when it's ready, it will then become the "main product", around which this little "game company" will spin. :)

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