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Okay, so it now looks like it won't be ready during October either. :D
Still need some extra time to finish it.

Right now the program status is this:
The Editor itself is now almost ready. The menus work 100%, the graphics are 100% done, and all sorts of data handling and load/save routines are ready and working...
But the Game Engine itself is still unfinished.
And as long as the Engine isn't ready, the Editor can't produce any meaningful results (games).

So right now I'm making the Game Engine, together with 4 so called "Visual Editors", which will then allow quick and easy "Drag&Drop"-style mouse editing of any part of the game. Of these Visual Editors one is 100% finished, another one is 75% finished, and the remaining two are in the beginning stages. But when these 4 are ready, then so too will be most of the Game Engine routines, and with that: the Program itself.

But it's hard to say how long it'll take to make them ready.
I would again like to say "one month, hopefully sooner"...
...but since I have already used that phrase, I'll now instead say:
"Two months at most, hopefully sooner...and at one of these days it'll just be Ready, and like a Lighting Strike from the Heavens will be the day of it's coming. You can't know for sure when it'll happen...One day it'll just stand there, as if it always had been."

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