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An update again, our game creator is now at version 3.2:

This version corrects a few things, such as the weapon "power levels" (which now work OK), and the "lifetime" activation issue in scrolling games (now lifetime "starts" when the object reaches visible screen area, and not before) + some other things.


Also, I made another "example game", which I named "Side Blaster", although I don't know if that will be the final name. It's a short demo again, but it looks quite cool and has some Advanced features.

Here's the download link for it:

I'll later make this game downloadable from this site too, once it's more "ready".
Most likely I'll make a new category here for games made with M484GCS, we'll see.

Here are some screenshots:

It's a decent side scrolling shooter, which looks quite promising even at this prototype stage.
So try it out, I'll later post a more detailed analysis about it's features to the forum.

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