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Here are the latest "programming news" :

Right now I'm making the Version 5.0 of the M484GCS, and it should be ready this month.

But it's hard to say exactly how much time it'll take...this depends on how much stuff I'll add into it.

I have written many papers filled with long lists of "missing features" and "planned upgrades", which I think still must be added to the program before I can consider it to be at "Gold Status"; which means = good enough to be used in serious projects. And I have been going through my papers, adding things in logical steps, and so we have now had about one or two version updates in every month, since the program first official release some 6 months ago.

And I think V5.0 will be the final update in this series.

So after V5.0 is released, focus will then be shifted into making actual games with the program. So at least for some time the development of the M484 Game Creation System itself will be paused at V5.0, and this version will then be used to make the "first generation" of "M484 Games".

And then we'll finally see if the program can actually do something else than just look funny and sit in the "Downloads" section of this website. :D

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