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Ok, it now seems that after huge criticism from the public, Microsoft has actually decided to reverse the other half of it's XBox One strategy:

The "always online / connect once in every 24 hours" - scheme has been abandoned, and also used games on physical discs will work normally, and apparently won't need any "re-activations" or "buy-it-agains" anymore.

So, wipe the tears from your eyes, citizens of Oceania; The Big Brother has heard our worries and lamentations, and has taken pity of us.
And look: Because of this, He has decided to be a little bit nicer to us, His methods are now less fearful, and it all now sounds "almost ok".
And so, suddenly a sense of relief and joy is now filling our minds, and look; now the Bone-Box Entertainment System looks almost acceptable in our eyes.

But it seems that the console still needs to have the Kinect camera/surveillance system to be installed into it, otherwise it won't work. So the spying aspect has not been dropped. So when you buy Xbox One, you'll still be installing a surveillance camera into your living room...or into your bed room, or wherever you decide to place your console. Just combine this with the PRISM surveillance program (Microsoft was the first company that joined it)...if "they" can have free access to your e-mails and phone calls, then they can also have free access to the Kinect's camera, and to all data (video, sound, motions, heartbeat, etc) that it has ever recorded since day One.

I believe that Kinect is the main reason why Xbox One was planned to be an "always online" console. This "always online" feature would have provided instant access to the camera feed, and so it would have been a perfect spying tool for the intelligence agencies. But now, because people didn't like the idea of "always online" and "24-hour check", they had to abandon this idea, and thus cannot fully use the Kinect's surveillance potential.

Also: why do you think that Microsoft is suddenly trying to sell you all this security stuff, to bring an "always online" security camera/monitoring device into your living room? Because in 2007 Microsoft joined the PRISM program; they were the first to join, as we can see from this chart:

I believe that around this time Microsoft and NSA decided to tighten their co-operation with one another, and so they decided to include the security device Kinect into their next generation console, the X-Box One.

Just read this wiki description about the Kinect again:

Think about the meaning of this sentence near the end of that article:
" Unlike Kinect on the Xbox 360 (which is an optional accessory), the Xbox One console will not function unless the Kinect sensor is plugged in. However, users retain the software capability to turn off all Kinect functions while the sensor remains connected to the console. "

1. So, it can be "turned off", but you can never remove it.
2. If you remove it, the console won't work.
3. The previous generation console, Xbox 360, also had this device, and in it you could remove it, but in this new console you suddenly can't do that.

So, the console generation changes, and suddenly they're trying feed us a story that "the console won't work without the camera installed." And that: "you can turn it off, but you can't remove it" And: "don't worry, it doesn't spy on you".

Just how believeable this sounds?

So, the functions of the camera device are in fact not needed at all, because we can "turn it off"; so XBox One in fact works without it...but still we can never remove the camera device; because that is forbidden; they have on purpose made things so, that the Xbox One refuses to work if it doesn't find the camera device.

It is as ridiculous as if some company would suddenly start to sell a new computer, which would come with a web camera, and then they would tell us that "the computer doesn't work without the camera", and you would be forced to install this camera, otherwise you couldn't use you computer. Because the company has configured the computer so, that it checks for the camera, and if it doesn't find it, it refuses to work.

And if that would happen, then what do you think that the motivations of such company could be?
Especially if the company in question is known to have strong ties with the NSA?
The explanation is clear as day: they want to spy on you.
They want to force you to accept the camera, so that they can spy on you.
There is no other reason.

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