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M484GCS Version 7.0 Released

Okay, here is Version 7.0 of the M484 Game Creation System:

I have now finally decided to open source this program, so now, starting from this Version 7.0, the M484GCS is released under the GNU General Public License v3.

EDIT: Starting from V8.0 the GPL License was changed to a custom open source license


The biggest reason why I'm making this open source, is because this will guarantee that the program will continue to exist, no matter what happens to me. For example, if I would die in a car accident, my work would still live on, because now other people will be able to continue the development of the M484GCS in the case that I'll not be able to do so.

So, Open Source is a "life insurance" of sorts: for the software.
An open source program will simply live forever.

In comparison, if a program is closed source, then it will just go to the grave with the programmer, and years of work will go to waste...this is an image that has been haunting me.

But now it's open source, so I can stop worrying. :)


Also, I have made some important upgrades for this version: firstly the Editor and the Game Engine now handle files in the same way, which in practice means that the Game Engine can open project folders whose names are in the "gamefiles+something" format. So now you can easily move project folders between "standalone games" and the editor without having to worry about the folder names.

And secondly, I have added a small "Refresh files" button to the Editor main screen. This allows one to load new images and sounds into the project without having to restart the Editor.

And also some small bugs were squashed. :)

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