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This is interesting:

So soon there will be a vote in Switzerland about unconditional basic income. Interesting to see how it goes...and even more interesting to see how it works in practice, should the proposal be accepted. :)

In almost any other European country a proposal like this would be automatically terminated through a "this is how it goes"-style "political debate", but the system in Switzerland is more "people power" based, so I guess that in this case there might be some hope of success.

Also in Switzerland there was recently a proposal to implement a "1:12 earnings limit": no-one could earn more than 12 times the amount than what the lowest paid person in the company earns. This proposal too will see a vote in the future, and it has already throughoutly horrified the Swiss business elite, and many of them threatened to leave the country if such a law would become reality. :D


Also the Basic Income concept in general is starting to get more popular, at least in Europe.
Check out the European Basic Income Initiative Facebook page at:

Here it starts folks, people are starting to think money as a basic human right, and are now demanding that the "Lifeblood of the World" should be equally shared with everyone.
"We want Money, We want Money, We want Money!" :D

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