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Ok, the full version of Side Blaster is now finally ready. :)

There are now 3 levels: "Desert" , "Space" and "Alien Planet", each of which have unique enemies, tilesets and end-of level bosses.

Also I'll soon release all graphics and sounds of this game into the public domain (CC0), first I just need to re-organize them a little bit, and then I'll upload them here and into OpenGameArt as well.


This has been a surprisingly long game project, I started making this when the M484GCS was still at Version 2.0, and I used this game as a "test project", testing new features of the different engine versions with it, but never having the time to actually finish it, until now.

It's just 3 levels long, but I think that is enough for it; this game started as a "technology demo", and so it shall remain; a short "example game project" and a complete set of shmup resources that people can play around with.

A lot of important lessons have been learned during the development of this little shmup, such as that one should always have clear plans written down on things like Level Design, Gameplay, weapons and enemy movement pattern design, and that stuff...with this game I just made everything "on the go", without any plans, and so I went on like: "let's put a wall there", "maybe 3 turrets here", "this enemy type has not yet appeared, so it must come now before the screen limit runs out" and "let's put more fighters here so that player doesn't get bored"...and while the end result works quite OK, it probably could have been better with some planning.

But anyways, I'm satisfied with the end product, the game is OK and fills it purpose.


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