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I just created a new download section here called "Test Zone":

That section will contain small random program downloads, that don't fit anywhere else, such as code examples and technique tests, and maybe also programming tutorials in the future...

But right now there is only one download there called "Blitz Full Screen using a Normal Window". That is a small demo that I made today, and it demonstrates a nice "shortcut" which allows BlitzPlus programs to run in "full screen" without actually changing the screen mode. I tested it in both Win7 and Win8, and it works fine, so I think I'll use that techinque in the next version of M484GCS...because right now, as I mentioned in my last blog post, the Full Screen mode of M484GCS causes a crash, at least on my Win8, although I suspect that not all machines (or video cards) are affected by this problem.

But anyways, even if it's a rare crash problem, I think I'll still replace the M484GCS full screen mode with that "full window" trick on the next version.


And about the progress of my projects:

The whole April was basically wasted on computer troubles and playing Hearts of Iron 3. :)

But this month (May) I'm trying to finish the Version 4 of Numegalogy.

And as June gets closer, I would say that I'll then return to M484GCS. Although a quick bug fix for the full screen crash could be made earlier too, but I don't know if that is a widespread problem, so it can probably wait.

And speaking about updates, the next major version update of M484GCS needs to be huge.
I think it at least needs a new look and the Script Editor needs a complete redesign; right now the script module confuses even me, and that can't be good sign lol.
And also M484GCS needs a clear "focus".
It can never compete with big engines like Game Maker or Unity.
But in a certain "select areas" it might become better than the big, general purpose engines.
But I'll tell more about my plans later. :)


Also, as you might know, BlitzPlus source code was released into the public a few days ago:

So, in theory, anyone could now make their own version of BlitzPlus. :)
And because this is the language that I have used for the past 3 years, and with which almost all of my programs are made, the possibility is interesting...If I would just learn the necessary skills, then I could customize and optimize BlitzPlus myself, instead of waiting for someone else to do it...but of course in order to do that I would first need to learn C++ (and reach an advanced level in it)...maybe in the future, who knows. :)



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