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It has now been over a month since the last blog post, so here are the latest news again. :)

On the programming front the situation is this:

The upcoming Version 4 of the Numegalogy has been taking a lot longer to finish than I thought it would take. But I think it'll definitely be ready this month. In fact I would like to say "next week", but I have had bad experiences about "next weeks", so I think it's better to say "this month". :)

The biggest new feature in Numega V4 will be a customizable "theme system" that allows multiple gfx themes and fonts, and fast changing between them, and also there will be some new features.

And although this may sound like a small addtion, in practice it meant that we needed several new complete gfx sets (both fonts and images) for the additional themes, and making those turned out to be very time consuming. I myself made only one theme, but that alone took about one month. And then I thought that "adjusting" the code to support multiple themes would be easy and fast. And in theory this task was quite easy, but "fast" it was not. And my original idea on how to make it turned out to be too long and tedious in the actual I made a better system, which again took more time, but I think it ended up being quite smart and efficient.

So the new theme system is now almost ready. And in addition to that I'll also make a smarter "mouse click area system", and this new system I can then maybe use in the M484GCS as well, which, as you know does a lot of mouse checks, lots of "IF" statements checking a long list of "hard coordinates" works, but it's the wrong way to do things in a program of that size.

So, I hope that NumegaV4 will be ready before this month is over, and then I can turn my attention back to M484GCS: first I'll make that planned quick bug fix update to it (the Win8 full screen crash bug), and after that it'll be ready for the next Major update, but I don't know when I will have time for that, it would be a multi-month upgrade, and I think that before that it would be a good idea to at least translate God's Calculator to BlitzPlus (so that we will get rid of some Win8 issues in it as well), and to do some other small things.


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