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Hi everyone, time to cheer up the mood a little bit. :)

The previous post on this blog was so depressing that I wonder what the people think, that now the guy has sunken into melancholical self pity and alcholism lol? But that's not the case, I've been working on some other stuff, which is now in "pause mode".

And also I have started making pixel graphics again...and I have found out that I actually enjoy drawing more than programming, I think this is because the results are instantly visible and easier to understand...you draw something and instantly see whether it's good or not. And I think I'm getting better all the time, and already feel quite comfortable drawing all sorts of stuff.

Here's my latest GFX project that I just posted to OpenGameArt, and made a section for it to this site too:


"Open Gunner" is the name of the set, and it looks quite good I think. Stylewise I aimed for a combination of Turrican, Megaman X and Contra and all sorts of cool animations are here, including wall jumps and 12 direction shooting. And it's a free GFX set, released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, so you can use these graphics anywhere, just remember to mention me as the original author of the GFX.

I think I'll gradually expand this set in the future, and maybe make some more cool stuff too, depends how much free time I have in my hands. :)


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