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Some days ago I watched this movie "Sucker Punch", a true cult classic without any doubt. :D

Well, it's a quite confusing movie that has a mixed reputation: most people seem to think that it sucks, but some say that there are all sorts deeper messages in it and so on...

But right after finishing watching it I too thought that it simply sucks and that's it, and that the only good things were the hot girls, the action scenes and that rap song.

And the only question circling in my head was: I want them all, but if I could choose only one, who would it be lol? And actually, this question really bothered me, but in the end the answer was obvious. :)

But then I had the feeling that there must be more to it, so I put some of the stuff "through the God's Calculator", and found a few interesting things.

Here are some of my findings:

The word "Sucker Punch" gives the value 834.
The word "Babydoll" gives 438.
So they're number "mirror images" : 834 "backwards" is 438.

Here are some other "hits" on the number 438:

Goddess = 438
Number = 438
Pulse = 438

Also, when 438 is converted to an octagonal value we get 666.

So, the main character "Babydoll" is the same as "Goddess", "Number", and also is connected to 666, the number of the beast and the sun.

And then we have the "snowflake connection", I wonder how many people paid any attention to this little detail: In the movie when Babydoll travels from the "real world" to the "dream world", there is always a snowflake that lands on her eyelash. :D

Ok, but so what? Well:

Snowflake = 636
Number Magic = 636

So, the snowflake represents the magic of the numbers, and the magic of the goddess...and this is all connected to the music and the "pulse = 438", because music is basically pulses: in the air, but also on other mediums...and as the music plays, things change, both in the dream world and in the real world.

And 636 = 63 = 36 ==> 636 contains two hidden 666's ; two suns and two worlds, connected to each other via number magic; mathematics.


And so, from all this we get a clear "Goddess Awakening" story/message : listen to the music inside you, and open your soul to the Goddess, and you too can become a superwoman/superman, an instrument that plays the music and amplifies it. :)


And also in the beginning of the movie the narrative tells us to "listen", because "personal messages" to us can come from any source: from anywhere and from anyone...

But to hear the messages, you must first want to hear.
And you won't want that, unless you have some good reason.

Think about this:

Why would YOU want to get personal messages from angels?
What would you want them to say, and why?
Once you know the answers to these, then you are ready to hear.



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