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Lately, I have been thinking about the process of "new art creation", and what "inspiration" actually is.

And I have come to the conclusion that it's all about copying and remixing stuff from the "Realm of Ideas".

But in the Realm of Ideas there are no "new ideas" at all; instead it's all old stuff that gets recycled and remixed all over again. The only reason why we call something "new" is because we either haven't yet seen that particular re-mix of that particular idea, or because the idea itself is "new"; which simply means that no one hasn't "drawn it" from the Realm Of Ideas until now.

This blog post includes 3 of the most recent pixel paintings that I have made during the last few weeks, and so we might call these pictures "new art"...but if you look at them for a while, you'll soon notice that all of them are remixes of old ideas and old themes; I draw things and ideas that I have seen, or rather: I take material and elements from things that I have seen, and then remix this material using my "imagination" as a filter, and so we now have "new art".

This is true even for the "Metal Elephants of Arcturus"; it might seem quite unique and entirely a product of my own imagination...but this is so only because most people aren't aware of my sources of inspirations; I have simply mixed the following together: elephant heads in abstract form, the idea of living steel and artefact creatures, the "eye" found in egyptian hieroglyph art, and then I mixed this with a "color athmosphere" greatly influenced by a Amiga game called "Purple Saturn Day", and finally the fog and the sky techinques were inspired by a certain painting made by Frank Sauer, found in another Amiga game called "Agony".

And from all that I then "mixed" the final picture, and put my signature into it, officially making it "new art". :)

And that is how all new works of art come into reality.

Imagination is simply a "remix filter" that in itself doesn't create anything new.


Everything that exists is a manifestation of mathematics. All forms, ideas and colors are mathematical. Objects of nature and living beings copied their forms from the Realm of Ideas...and the artists then either copy the nature (the things we see) or reach to the Realm (trying to get some new ideas, glimpses of things that we haven't seen before)...And this way art too is one of the manifestations of mathematics. The ability to create new art is actually an ability "channel" mathematical forms through the filter of our imagination; and in this process the forms and ideas are transformed into a new remix; the outcome and quality of which is dependent on the style and skill level of the artist.

And so we might say that the best artists are the ones who can first in their minds successfully remix old stuff into an idea of a "new" art piece, and who can then most accurately copy that idea from their imagination into some "real world" medium, such as a painting or a music song. If both the remixed idea is good and the copying process is well executed, then the resulting art piece will be good. But if either of stages fails, then we get either "nice idea, but poor execution" or "techincally good, but a dull idea and lack of vision"; those two classic reasons why art pieces fail.


But what about the "Realm of Ideas" that you mentioned o our most belowed ascended Master484, how can one directly get ideas from this Realm? Teach us how to "channel". :D

Disclaimer: Everything below this line is bullshit

Well, here is wisdom. New ideas always enter the brain from a specific direction: from behind. The Realm of Ideas is situated behind the head, and from there we draw all new ideas into our heads. The "remixing" and processing of these new ideas then takes place in the front part of the head. This process is nothing unusual, and everyone does this, more or less, so it's not hard and doesn't require any special skills. Anyone can get "random ideas". Some can get semi-random ideas belonging to a chosen field. And the experts (using the ability either knowingly or unknowlingly) can even receive specific information of scientific quality; accurate ideas that lead into actual scientific methods and inventions in the real world ( = scientific innovation, which in itself could also be described as a process of remixing old and "new" ideas).

That is the theory of the process, but it's hard to reach any other "idea pools" than the one of this planet...so usually the things that you get aren't anything special; interesting maybe, but previous examples most likely already exist. :)


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