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10:30 PM
As smart as we can get

Check this out:

What a waste of time.
Why don't they start offering classes like "Fighting the Elite" instead?

...but maybe we're already too smart for that, at least according to this article:
So we just can't get any smarter, because:
"... in order to become any more intelligent the human brain would need vast amounts of extra energy and oxygen – and we simply cannot provide it"
But yet a small percentage of humans is vastly more intelligent than the majority.
One might wonder where they get that extra energy to support their intelligence?
Maybe a small percent of humans are powering their brains with something else, since the traditional methods aren't enough...
This of course brings into one's mind: It is a "public secret", that some people feel an "electrical feeling" on their foreheads, in the so called "third eye". And according to various new age "mumbo jumbo", this third eye is a portal through which we draw energy to our brains...and of course the "crown chakra" + other things act in this way too.

So what this means, is that some people have a higher "energy capacity", which allows them to become more intelligent than the others. Most of the "super intelligent people" in history have of course been these special people; they were the great philosophers and scientists. How else could it be?


Could you imagine the average "shoppers" achieving the same things that Pythagoras or Einstein did? Of course not. They're simply too stupid for that...they're like zombies, automatically wandering around from day to day, having abandoned all higher they were made by the education system.
So if the universities now offer zombie fighting classes, maybe that isn't such a bad idea after all, since we are actually surrounded by zombies.

But why go to a zombie fighting university class, if you can learn the same things by playing a good videogame?
Check out this great free game called "Rogue Survivor":
It's a zombie apocalypse simulation and an urban survival horror game, where you can play either as a human or as a zombie. Gather food, guns and medicine, then barricade yourself to the basement, and hope for the best...
A great game concept, and well executed too.
Cheers and respect to the guy who made it.

Also I must mention this:
It's a nice space adventure game set in the Wing Commander:Privateer universe.
The graphics are entirely made by using ASCII characters (like letters and numbers), which look really cool.
A minimalistic artistic masterpiece, with a surprisingly deep "free roaming" gameplay.

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