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10:38 PM
Current Progress

Okay, I have now started doing version 8 of the M484GCS; and this will bring the long awaited Platformer feature if everything goes well...and it's better to go well now, because I already added the Platformer Animation Template to the program, which you can see in that screenshot. :)

So, we have 40 frames to play with, and I divided them according to the above screenshot. So we'll have a Player that has animations for walk, jump, fall down, climb ladders, shoot from ladders, and duck. And of course in addition to these things our Player can still just Stand as well. :D

This is the "basic platformer model", and I think we have everything important here...

All other "extra cool things" such as Megaman X style "dashing moves" can be done via "Player Script+Transform" combinations, although first I must upgrade the controls of the "Player Object", so that we can give it Scripts+Transforms via the 4 "Action Buttons".

And also I need to add a free style "Jump Editor" of some kind...so that the jumping style of the Player can be freely defined. And also I think we need 2 new object Categories: "Platforms" and "Ladders"...So there is still lots of work remaining.

But I would say that version 8 will be released this month, hopefully. :)


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