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11:39 AM
M484GCS Version 6.0 Released

Version 6.0 Released

Ok, here it is, M484 Game Creation System version 6.0.

This is the biggest and most important update to the program so far.


There is a lot of new stuff, the most important of which are:

- The data structure of the project files is now 100% backwards compatible. (Starting from v6.0 - projects made with v5.x or older are not compatible with v6.0+)
- Added a "Load Project" feature. Projects can now be loaded from the editor, so you can work on many projects at once.
- Added "Intro screens", which can be used to display logos and other "intro stuff" when the game starts.
- All "shell screens" can now have Objects(+Scripts too) and Tiles in them.
- Added a "Script Extras" feature (allows the creation of XY line triggers), 3 new script types, and a "Center" option.
- Lots of optimization: Map Editor slowdown has finally been eliminated, and many routines are faster.

And lots more. There are so many upgrades that I can't list them all there, but I'll post the version summary to the forum as usual. :)


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