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Version 6.0 Released

Ok, here it is, M484 Game Creation System version 6.0.

This is the biggest and most important update to the program so far.


There is a lot of new stuff, the most important of which are:

- The data structure of the project files is now 100% backwards compatible. (Starting from v6.0 - projects made with v5.x or older are not compatible with v6.0+)
- Added a "Load Project" feature. Projects can now be loaded from the editor, so you can work on many projects at once.
- Added "Intro screens", which can be used to display logos and other "intro stuff" when the game starts.
- All "shell screens" can now have Objects(+Scripts too) and Tiles in them.
- Added a "Script Extras" feature (allows the creation of XY line triggers), 3 new script types, and a "Center" option.
- Lots of optimization: Map Editor slowdown has finally been eliminated, and many routines are faster.

And lots more. There are so many upgrades that I can't list them all there, but I'll post the version summary to the forum as usual. :)


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