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11:41 PM
Manowar - Gods of War

This is "Gods of War" from Manowar.

I found the lyrics and the cover art symbolic, as if some greater meanings and messages would be hidden under the casual "power metal" exterior.

Firstly, the four swords form the letter "M".
Secondly, the lyrics sing about "we, who are born under the sign of the hammer".

I felt that there might be a connection between these things, so into the God's Calculator I write "HAMMER", and it gives me this sigil:

It's the letter "M".
And the number value is "348".

And this can be transformed into "78" by adding the first two numbers together:
348 ----- 3+4 = 7 ---- 78
And why is that significant?...Because if we just write the letter M into God's Calculator, we get the value "78".
So BOTH the sigil of "Hammer" and the value of "Hammer" strongly link to the letter "M".
Which I think is very important somehow.

Also, the value of the words "Sons of Odin" gives us "780".
Which is of course another "78".

Some other "high impact" words that also give the number "780" are:
Pythagoras      780
Golden Crown    780
Seventh Seal    780
Center of Brain 780

So, could the phrase "Sons of Odin" actually refer to the "Sons of Pythagoras"; those who are hiding in the shadows, guarding the secret knowledge from the ancient times, who wait for the day when the Gates of Valhalla are opened?

As Pythagoras himself taught: everything is composed out of mathematics, and this is the nature of the Reality itself...This means everything is connected to everything...

The "signs" of everything are contained in everything. Or more accurately; the "data" of all things is contained in everything, just like every cell contains the DNA of the whole organism...this is why the "signs of thing X" can be often found in most unexpected places, it is almost as if the universe would seem to randomly reflect itself in random places...and isn't that in fact the truth?

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