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6:04 PM
Monthly Update

Ok, I think it's time to tell the latest development news again. :)

Firstly, the C++ conversion of bug blaster is going well, and if I really wanted I could release it next week; and it would be a nice little shooting game just like the BlitzPlus version...But, it would also be a little bit "unfinished", just like the Blitz version now is.

So I think I'll polish it more until I'm 100% satisfied with it...I think that the game concept itself has that certain "arcade potential", and that is my goal now: to make it as good that it could be a coin-op machine sitting in a 80'ies or 90'ies arcade game hall.

And what I'm also considering, is to make it commercial. So instead of making it a free download, I would publish it through some goog online store. :)

But that can only happen if the game is super good indeed, so I have decided to work on it until it reaches that stage, and then try my luck at the game stores...let's see what happens.


Secondly, the next version of Numegalogy will also be released soon. In fact, technically the program itself has already been ready for some time, but this version will also come with a large amount of documentation and other extra stuff, and creating all of that takes a lot of time. But, just like with all products, the longer it takes to make, the better it'll be. So, be patient. :)



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