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4:12 PM
Numegalogy Version 4 Released


Ok, here it is at last: Numegalogy Version 4.

The product description and links in the Numegalogy page have been updated:

This version brings many new features, such as updated visuals, multiple themes, a theme editor that you can use to make your own themes, a cool in-program reference guide, and some other improvements.

And also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, starting from this version the program also costs a little bit; you can buy a product license from the shop at Her Space.

After making a purchase there, a download link and a code-key will then be send to your e-mail address, and then you use the code-key to activate the program. And once you have bought a product license it also automatically gives you access to all possible future versions of Numegalogy.

I hope that numerology fans and other enthusiasts will find this program fun and useful. Lots of work has gone into this project during these 3 years that the program has existed, and now I'm happy to see it in it's "final" state; the program is now ready. :)

( Although at least one upgrade to it will still soon come : SFML translation. ) :)



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