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7:40 PM
UK plans to censor forums and esoteric websites

Ok folks, here are the shocking latest news:
United Kingdom is planning to have a China-style internet censorship running by the end of this year.

Some of you might already know this, but if not, then read these articles to get an idea about what's coming:


This is the so called "internet porn censorship law", that you might have heard about, but there are many hidden "extra features" in it as well, such as the censorship of "web forums" and "esoteric websites".

This censorship of course would also include M484 Games, because this website has "esoteric material" (God's Calculator and Numegalogy), and also our separate forum site would be censored because could be classified as a "web forum". :D


In practice this law will apparently be implemented by making an "ON-OFF choice" system of some kind; so theoretically you can turn the censorship filters off, BUT they'll be TURNED ON by default.
Also there have been rumors that even if you turn the filters "OFF", this mode will last only 24 hours, and after this time period they'll be automatically turned back "ON".


So, what can I say?

If this law comes into power, then MANY websites will be inaccessible from the UK.
Basically this law would create a China style "Firewall" for the UK, except that the people can choose to turn it "Off", (but the default mode is "On", and most people will leave it that way...)

To understand the psychological meaning of this law, imagine a bookstore where some books are "hidden" by default, because the law says so, and in order to see these books you have to ask the shopkeeper to show them to you.

This creates a situation where:
1. People don't know that the "hidden" material even exists, because it's invisible.
2. They cannot "stumble upon" it by accident, because it's invisible.
3. They cannot find it even if they actively search for it, because it's invisible.
4. All "publicly visible" material will be "official" and "legitimate". All alternative opinions, "extreme politics", alternative religious views, etc will be hidden from the public.

So, looks like it's "lights out" for the UK, back to the Dark Ages. :(

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