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7:21 PM
We are now on IndieDB

M484 Games and the M484GCS are now on listed on IndieDB. :)

Here are links to all pages that I created there:

M484 Games:

M484 Game Creation System:

Side Blaster:

Maybe you have already heard of this indie games database, but if not, then it's basically a database which lists games, engines and mods. Anyone can freely submit their own games, projects and groups there, which will then be listed there. This way the projects get attention, and people find the projects; it's a great concept, and I can recommend this site for all. :)

Also I put a small banner to our front page here, which shows the M484GCS's current popularity ranking on IndieDB. And you can click it too to view our profile there. :)


Also, all games that are made with M484GCS can of course also be added to IndieDB. And because the M484GCS is listed there, you can select it from an engine list while submitting your game there; and when you do this, your game will then be automatically listed in the engines profile under the "games" section (as well as in the normal games section there). This way both the game and the engine will get some extra attention. So, if you have made something decent with the M484GCS, then you might consider adding it to IndieDB. :)

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