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3:18 PM
XBox One - My Thoughts

So, here it is, the new XBOX console, which is called "XBOX ONE".

The video above shows some highlights from the official unveiling ceremony.
And strangely, the focus seems to be on "TV"; apparently you can now watch television using your XBOX.
And on the gaming side: sports, sports, sports, and call of duty.
But no real surprises there.


But what is interesting here, and what most people don't realize, is the true nature of this product.
I think Xbox One is not only a game console, but also a "living room security device", designed for "customer control" and surveillance.

Why do I think so?
Because it introduces two totally new and frightening concepts for "home entertainment":

1. The console is bundled with a security camera, and won't work unless the camera is attached to it.

But because the security camera has been branded as a "cool product" called "Kinect", people will most likely gladly accept it, and install it in their living rooms:

And in fact it's more than just a security camera; in addition to the camera it has voice recognition, face recognition, motion sensors, night vision, and other things.

Here's an article which tells about it:

"  The Kinect 2.0 sensor's capabilities have also been overhauled, says Holmdahl. The Xbox One model, which will come packaged with the main console, will accommodate up to six bodies instead of two, closer proximity to the sensor, and face recognition. The sensor is in fact touted as being so fine-tuned as being able to monitor biometrics including heartbeat, and "tell when the player is lying."  "

"  It will also, according to IGN, be integral to the functionality of the Xbox One, to such extent that the console won't work without the Kinect attached.  "

So, there you have it.
It even works as a lying detector device, and the console itself won't work without it.
So after you have bought your console, you can't even use it unless you install this security device into it.

Compare this concept to the "telescreens" found in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four:

"  Telescreens are most prominently featured in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four as well as all film adoptions of the novel, although notably they have an earlier appearance in the 1936 Charlie Chaplin film Modern Times. They are television and security camera-like devices used by the ruling Party in Oceania to keep its subjects under constant surveillance, thus eliminating the chance of secret conspiracies against Oceania.  "

"  Telescreens do not have night vision technology, thus, they cannot surveil in the dark. This is compensated by the fact that telescreens are incredibly sensitive, and they are said to pick up a heartbeat. As Winston describes, "...even a back can be revealing..."  "

Notice that "Telescreens do not have night vision technology"...
But don't worry, Kinect has!
(Although not direct night vision, but various instruments which allows it to see in low light conditions.)


And then:

2. You have to connect to the internet once a day, otherwise the console stops working.


"  Xbox One players will not have to maintain a constant internet connection for single-player games, but they will have to connect once a day to keep playing at all, says Microsoft.

Speaking with Kotaku, Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison said that performance should not be interrupted due to a temporarily lost connection, in most cases. However, Xbox One players will still need to check in online if they want to maintain access to their games.  "

So once in an every 24 hours, you must make an internet connection, so that the console can connect to Microsoft.
Even if the games you're playing don't have any online features, you still need to make a connection once a day, otherwise the games and the console stops working.

You may now think that "so what, everyone connects to the internet anyway at least once a day."
That's true, BUT:
We have never seen an "entertainment device" which STOPS WORKING or PUNISHES YOU, if you fail to "report back" to the "authorities" ONCE IN AN EVERY 24 HOURS.

Imagine now this situation:
- You buy an expensive game console from Microsoft.
- But in order to use that console, you have to "report" to Microsoft Once In A Day.
- Fail this for any reason, and the console stops working, and the only way to "activate" it again is to establish internet connection and sort of "report yourself".

And this is the Bottom Line: Fail the check, and you're punished.
You buy the console, you buy the game, but this is not enough; you have to report in once a day, or you can't play anything.
It's almost as if you have to beg them for the "right to play".
"Hi, it's me, your loyal customer, see, I have now made my daily connection, although I forget to do that yesterday, but I now I'm here, so could you please activate my console so that I can play?"

The only other occasion of a similar "daily check" requirement that I can think of, is for criminals that have been put under house arrest; in that form of punishment the person is put under electronic surveillance, and a "daily check" of some kind is made every day.

This even reminds me of the daily "Roll Call" procedures, that were used in nazi concetration camps:

"  The purpose of the roll calls was to count the prisoners, but also to inspect, humiliate, and intimidate them.  "

A daily "roll call", under the watchful eye of the Kinect...Welcome to the next generation of video gaming. :D


And if you still think that this is "quite OK" or "normal", then consider this:

What if your computer, cell phone, IPad or any other device would have a similar "daily check" requirement?
Fail to report in, and all your programs stop working, until you make your connection and "report to the overlords".

And one step further:
What if all other electronic devices in your house would be connected to a similar scheme?
Check in once every 24 hours, or else you fridge, microwave oven, central heating, car, and all other things will stop working.

And furthermore:
Your fridge, microwave oven or car wouldn't even work unless you first attach a security camera to them.
That would mean total control; you would be monitored on a daily basis, and to use your devices you would need a "daily blessing" from the corporations that made them.



Okay, so now we have covered the "security features" of Xbox One.
But what about the actual games?

Well, I think one picture speaks more than a thousand words:

That is really a symbolic cover art picture.
Just look at that soldier, the hero of the game I suppose.
He looks away from us, and covers his eyes.
It's almost like a "facepalm" gesture, as if he would be ashamed of something.
Or maybe he is covering his eyes on purpose, so that Kinect cannot recognize his face?
Who knows?


And finally, the name itself, "Xbox One".
Many have wondered why such an odd name was chosen.
This is the third XBox console, and their names so far have been "Xbox","Xbox 360",Xbox One".
So what is the logic in that?

Well, I think it is this:

"XBOX ONE" can be shortened to "XBONE".
Which in turn becomes "X BONE" = Two bones crossed.

Furthermore, God's Calculator tells us this:

The value of XBONE is "360".
This makes "XBox One" the Second "Xbox 360", or the "circle inside the circle".

Also, the sigil for "New World Order" looks like a box with a X inside it:

Which makes it an "X Box";
A "Box" with an "X" inside it,
An "X" living in a "Box",
Two Bones crossed in a Box,

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