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Microchip 666 Plan


Here is my own analysis of the famous "microchip 666 conspiracy theory", and my thoughts on how, when and why it's going happen, followed by some speculation on how our everyday lives will be in a future "chipped world".

So, let's take a look at the big picture, one element at a time.


1. The Microchip plan originates from the Bible

Firstly, it's important to understand that the whole microchipping idea originates from the Bible. In the Book of Revelation it says that a "Beast" will come, and his number will be "666", and everyone is forced to take this number as a mark to their hands or foreheads, because without it they can't buy or sell. And after this the book encourages the "wise" to count the "number of the beast", to find out what the number 666 actually means.

And then, time passes some 2000 years, and now the "wise" around the internet have calculated that the number of the beast means "computer", because the famous numerology system A=6 B=12 C=18...Z=156, which I call the "God's Calcultor", gives the result COMPUTER = 666, amongst other things.

And at the same time we are slowly progressing toward the integration of man and machine, computer and human. All of these things can't be a coincidence, and they surely aren't.


2. The English language has custom "designed" words.

Throughout time the english language has been manipulated and "fixed", so that certain words equal to certain number values. Why did we decide to call the "computer" by that name? Because this is the word that 2they" added to the list of official english words.

There is no other explanation why computer equals 666. It's a "custom word", just like "bio implant" and "digital ID chip", who also equal 666, or like Jesus and Lucifer, who both equal 444.


3. Points 1 and 2, proof of a "plan" ?

When put together, points 1 and 2 are actually "proof of a plan". But a plan by who?

Because think about this: There is no way how the writers of the book of revelation could have known about microchips back then, yet they could call the mark 666, and 2000 years later we have computer = 666.

So I see three different explanations:

A. The book of revelation was actually written after the microchip was invented, that would be in the early 1900's. Although unlikely, this is still theoretically possible, history has been manipulated before. So in this scenario "they" already knew that computer = 666 and realised that humans would be microchipped soon, so "they" wrote a propechy that says "666 is the number of the beast".

B. The book of revelation was written 2000 years ago. And 2000 later, when microchip was invented, "they" realised that soon it'll be put inside humans. And so "they" gave the orders to add the word "computer" to the english language, so that we get "computer = 666", making the microchip the number of the beast, and therefore fullfilling the Bible propechy.

C. The book of revelation was written 2000 years ago. It was based into a vision that the author saw, but the vision itself was produced by "them". "They" already knew that the microchip would be invented in the future, and that they would chip people, and so they chose the number "666" as the number of the beast, and 2000 years later made the word computer 666.

In the cases A and B "they" could be a super powerful secret society, but in C "they" are more like an "alien intelligence" of some sort. But which explanation is the right one? Personally I would say it's a combination of B and C...Scenario B sounds most sensible, but I personally I think that an "alien power" is involved in these matters, so that's why I would also give scenario C some thought.


4. First reason for the "Mark of the Beast 666" warning

So now we have a microchip plan made by "them". And also we have a written warning of the plan in the form of propechy, which was either written by someone who had no contact with "them", or alternatively written by an author who was heavily inspired by "them".

In both cases the plan itself is clear: to microchip everyone. The propechy part is a little bit more unclear, but it doesn't matter, because in both "B" and "C" scenarios "their" purpose is the same: to link 666 to the computer and microchip, and to make it seem like a clear warning.

So what sense does this make?

If "their" plan is to microchip everyone, then why make a clear warning to everyone? Why did "they" made the computer 666 and by doing this linked it into the propechy? Now people have no doubts that the mark of beast is the computer. Doesn't this make the plan much harder? "They" could have easily microchipped everyone without doing any of these things right?

I see a few reasons for this.

The first reason is this: to make the opposition to the microchip plan religious in nature.

When the actual plan reaches it's first voluntary test stage, so that some people are actually "taking the mark" by putting a microchip under their skins, and then use it to "buy and sell", this could result in a "christian hysteria". In all likelyhood most christians will believe that this is the mark of the beast, and that the "time has come".

This christian response makes the "counter argument side" seem mostly religious, rather than intelligent and philosophical.

There will surely be intelligent arguments against the microchip idea, but these voices will sink to the turmoil created by the religious opposition. The stronger the christian reaction is, the more the religious aspect will dominate all discussions and debates. The media will focus more on the religious arguments against the microchip plan, rather than the intelligent arguments, because the religious aspect has more "shock value", and because most mainstream media is controlled by "them".

Imagine a TV debate about the microchip plan. On the other side of the table you'll have businessmen, executives from various technology companies and maybe some medical experts too. And on the opposite side you'll have a few experts that are against the chip idea, accompanied by religious people and maybe even some conspiracy nutters. The point of this is to ridicule and dampen all intelligent opposition to the microchip plan. To the TV audience this gives the impression that if you resist the chip you're either religious or a "conspiracy nutter", or maybe a boring professor of some kind.

To understand the situation better, imagine a world without christianity, the book of revelation, and all this computer = 666 numerology bullshit. Now the only argument left against the microchip is the intelligent one. The counter arguments of free will, right to privacy, and concerns that the chip would eventually create a "totalitarian business world" and even total slavery would be the focus of the discussion. These arguments make sense, and there is a much higher chance that the people would believe the counter arguments.

So the first reason for the "666-computer-Bible propechy" link is that it helps to "sell" the idea to the people. This may sound incredible, but if you really imagine two different worlds, our world, and a world like ours but without christianity, then you'll understand that it's much easier to make microchip everyone in a world which has christianity, than to do it in a world without christianity.

This is also the reason why "they" spread christianity around the world. Take a look at the western technologically developed countries, the countries which are the most likely to implement the chip plan. Most of these countries have christianity as the biggest religion. This is no coincidence. When the chip comes, it'll first be a "western thing". It'll happen in the "west", because this is where christianity exists. In any other part of the world the risk of failure would be much higher.


5. Second reason for the "Mark of the Beast 666" warning

The second reason for the "666-computer-Bible propechy" link is this: It provides "rock solid" proof that the "Bible is right".

As mentioned before, when the microchip plan goes public and people actually start taking the chips, and the 666 link is all over media, there will be religious hysteria.

To the christians around the world this will be the proof that the Bible is right, and that the end times have begun. The beast has risen, and the end of the world is at hand. And soon Jesus would arrive and save those who truly believe in him.

And although this "proof" is just a simple mind trick, it'll have massive impact. Most humans are simple minded, and can't think outside of the box. Most people will buy into this, and won't listen to any alternative explanations.

Even scientists and skeptics will be in trouble. This is the nightmare scenario of all skeptics: the proof arrives that the "Bible is Right", and everyone believes it. This is so bad, because there is no counter argument. The skeptics best counter argument will be that "it's all a coincidence", but even they themselves know that it can't be. Scientific minds are trained to see designs, and will understand that the whole thing has been designed, but they can't admit this, because by doing so they would admit that there is a some kind of designer behind it. And to them, admitting this would be almost the same as to admit the existance of God.

And if they tried to explain things in the way how I'm explaining right now, they would sound like conspiracy nutters. You don't want to be in mainstream TV telling people that aliens and secret societies wrote the Bible and manipulated the english language to create this "Bible is Right" thing. Even if the scientists themselves believed this, the risk of losing face and credibility would be too high.

So the second reason the "666-computer-Bible propechy" link is to re-vitalize christianity, and to ridicule the scientific world, and to further turn the "chip discussion" away from the main point: The chip debate will circle around the theme of "is the Bible right or not". This raises the odds that the scientific world will support the "chipping plan", because if they opposed it, they would then feel that they are agreeing with the "Bible is Right" claim. The scientific world will subconsciously feel that it is forced to choose between the Beast and God, and therefore it can't act they choose the "Beast", because if the Beast wins, then they win.

Scientists are intelligent, but you shouldn't underestimate the powers of their subconscious fears. In many ways the ultimate enemy of the scientific world is the Bible. And the microchipping project will bring this ultimate enemy back to the spotlight, the pages will open, the proof is shown, and the masses believe. The scientists can only respond with their own "religion": technology, the microchip, and the Beast.


6. But wouldn't christians still refuse to take the chip, no matter what?

That's right.

But remember that when the chipping project starts, it'll first be 100% voluntary. Many people will take it, and this starts the religious hysteria. But still you don't have to take it, yet.

Although later the chip actually turns mandatory, and everyone is required by law to have one. But still there will be a law stating that you don't have to take the microchip if it's against your religion or other values. These people will still be allowed to use their normal credit cards and cash to buy and sell, and normal ID cards. Also the law will state that you can forbid your children from being microchipped, if it's against your values.

This simple move solves the problem of religious resistance. And people will actually feel "saved" by this, because they were saved from the "mark of the beast" thanks to their beliefs. After this they'll of course still be opposed to the chip project, but this doesn't matter because christianity is a "safe" religion to the "powers that be"; you just believe, stay out of trouble, and wait for Jesus. And now you have a good reason to believe, because some years ago it was officially proven that the Bible is Right.

So all the religious hysteria in the beginning will actually be for's only purpose is to confuse the "counter argument side" and to make the whole thing a big "media circus", while in the real world people are gradually getting themselves chipped. And when enough people have a chip, then it's much easier to turn the whole thing semi-mandatory. At this point it's too late to have any debates, and in all likelyhood no-one even has any interest to start talking about the subject again, because they know that the debate would again turn religious.


7. Timeline

Another important thing is to realize that the whole chipping project will take many generations. In my estimate we'll need at least 100 years from the "start point". So I estimate that by year 2150 the whole humanity could be microchipped, although this is about the fastest timetable that I can think of.

This has to be done during a long period of time, so that real resistance will be as minimal as possible. Although as mentioned religious resistance is desirable in the beginning, but in the long term all resistance has to be gradually eliminated.

A task like this is all about changing the values and mental state of the society, and time is the most improtant weapon for that. In the beginning there will be hysteria. But little by little the shock effect of the "mark of the beast" will lessen, and the whole thing will be accepted as a part of everyday life.

The whole process will take so long that the ones who once furiously resisted will grow old and pass away, and so will their children. As generations progress, each generation will have more and more chipped people, until practically everyone is chipped. And those few who still aren't, simply don't matter.

The microchip era will be gradually ushered in by the "Age of Time". You can't resist time.


8. Why ?

Why microchip everyone?

Well, the first official reason will be that it makes your life easier. The first version of the chip will simply act as a combination of a credit card and an ID card. So you can buy and sell, and register yourself to various government and third party services.

This all sounds good and safe, and therefore in the starting phase many will take it.

This first chip creates the first "framework", upon which more and more features and additional technology will be added. As time goes on, there will be more additional chips and devices that you'll be able to implant inside of you.

In the future you can do things like connect to the internet with your chips, open doors, start your car, make phone calls without a phone, and so on. Also the chips can act as health monitors, and even as auto-doctors: they can automatically give you medicine when you need it, restart your heart if happens to stop, adjust hormone levels and chemical amounts in the body, and so on.

Also the implanted technology will revolutionalize digital entertainment, because there will be chips that can directly stimulate the brain and therefore they can create hallucinations that look and feel 100% real. So games, movies and everything else will be in 5D.

The entertainment aspect will actually be the main "selling factor" of the whole chipping project in the "first voluntary stage". Who wouldn't like to experience 5D porn fantasies that feel 100% real? This BTW is the "Whore of Babylon".

The second official reason will be money. The chip opens new business possibilities, and therefore generates economic growth. This makes it "reasonable", and it's hard for the reasonable people to present counter arguments against economic growth, because by doing that they would oppose "reason itself".


9. So is it OK to take the chip?

Yes and No.

Firstly, ultimately you simply have no choice. Although you can say No, and in all likehood can live the rest of your life without taking the chip. Just like you now can (theoretically) live without owning a cellphone. But this won't save you in your next life: chances are that you'll simply be "born with the chip", and even if you aren't, you'll be growing up in a world where most people have one, and therefore the chances that you too are going have one is much greater.

The only thing that could stall this project would be the "No" side winning the debates, and the scientific world strongly speaking against the project. But even then nothing could stop the people from taking the chip voluntarily. So in this case it just simply wouldn't progress through the official "ID card / credit card inside you, how cool" -route, but instead through the digital entertainment route. In this scenario the project would simply be delayed by some 50 years.

If you really want to saved from the chip, ironically the only chance actually is that Jesus or some other being saves you. Or maybe the "good aliens" will rescue everyone who believes in them. But don't count on it.

But seriously, I think that humanity is unable to save itself. They'll take the chip, because it can do cool things, because "everyone has one", and because you "can't live" without it. Young people will the most excited about it, and they are the ones that matter the most, because they are the future. The counter arguments will be mostly made by old people, who didn't have computers and IPhones when they were young. And as said, the counter argument will be mostly about the Bible, and not about reason.


10. Who are "them"? Who are behind the chip project?

"Them" are either a secret society or an alien intelligence of some kind. And if it's the former, then they're so powerful that they're practically alien. Most likely it's both: An alien intelligence of some sort, and a secret society who gains it's power from this alien intelligence.

I don't know for sure, and neither does anyone else, and this is why we're all screwed.

But one thing is sure: "Them" are not the traditional "elite". "They" can do things that aren't possible with money and political power alone.


11. How will our lives be in the microchipped world?

The first chip version will be 100% harmless. But later, when people take more and more technology inside of them, our lives will change dramatically.

Firstly, security and privacy wise, the "final chip" will be like a backdoor on a computer. What you see, hear and feel can be spied upon both by government agencies and third parties. Any data can be fed directly into your brain, creating visual and aural hallucinations, false memories and false feelings.

And even if you noticed that you're being spied or manipulated, you would simply feel happy about it, because your feelings would be auto-corrected this way. And a few seconds later you would forget about the whole thing because the memory was erased. So we'll be totally at the mercy of the "controllers".

Secondly, it's important to understand that the world is about money and making more money. There is no higher principle, or a value more sacred, than this. The chip will be an incarnation of money, and a money making platform. It is a "mark of money". It's also the "dream product", because everyone has to "buy" it, and the customers can never get rid of it.

All that sucks about the business world, internet and smartphones will come "inside you". This will be a much bigger problem than the loss of privacy.

There will for example be pop-up advertisements that are "shown in our eyes", and you can't get rid of them...most normal people will have "free chips" with a "free license", and these free licenses will be ad-supported. You have to buy a "premium license" to get rid of the ads. And you can't complain, because you can't live without the chip.

Also the copyright industry will get access "inside you". There will be stuff like automatic royalty payments from your bank account whenever you happen to hear music. If don't have money, the music will be automatically "cut" from the things that you hear, or alternatively you'll just automatically go into debt. This means that poor people have to cover their ears when they hear any music playing, because it costs money to hear it.

The same goes for movies, games, pieces of art and even buildings; everything is owned and copyrighted by someone, and when you see it you're using it. So when you walk outside, certain things may be automatically "blacked out"...for example you might not be able to see statues, buildings with copyrighted architechture, and so on. All things that you haven't paid for will be "blacked out". So in your vision field you would either see a black box, a black outline, or a blurred image. And just like with music, there might be auto-payments for visual things too, so again poor people will have to be careful on what they look at.

But those who can afford to pay for a premium chip license, can see the "real world". Reality itself will simply become a subscription product with a monthly fee. The business industry will "own the world", and then "offers" it to the people for a price. If you can't pay, you can't hear or see the world.

Also the chip will be "always online", and you can't disconnect it or turn it off. Anyone can anytime send you messages and directly "call you" through phone and social media applications, and the "free license" chips won't have any protection against this. Your life will be at the mercy of your "friends" and social media contacts. This, combined with the ads, is the actual "hell" and the "lake of fire" that awaits the chipped humanity.

There will be lots of other stuff too, such as certain celebrities, pop stars and rich people turning themselves into "bling angels"...They'll use a sort of an "all eyes on me" feature, which "gives" good feelings and sometimes even money to anyone who looks at them. And if by chance they happen to look back at you, you get even more benefits, like total euphoria. Also the cars of rich people will often have this feature. The people won't have any other choice than to stare at the rich and their toys.

This all is made possible by the fact everyone has chips, and everyones brain can be directly stimulated by the chips, and everyones chip is connected to absolutely everything: other people, places, internet, banks etc.


12. Is there anything that humanity can do to avoid being microchipped?

Not really. This is a "self executing plan", that is part of the "programming" of humanity.

Reason could save us, but the ultimate "reason" of the world is money. The chip idea will be accepted by "intelligent people", because it "makes sense" from a business perspective. The chip will "make money", and therefore it can't be opposed. You can't oppose economic growth and money making without being branded an idiot.

Anyone who opposes the chip, opposes money itself. And because money is reason, you would also oppose reason itself. Simply put: Money is God. You can't oppose God.

And as mentioned, this is where religion plays it's part: When the time comes, Christianity will offer the only "official" and "acceptable" way to oppose the chip. But as said, this is part of the plan. The intelligent people of the world will be forced to choose between the Money God and the Bible God. The Money God will seem like a more reasonable choice, so they'll choose it.

There will be no third option, because the debate will be "the Chip vs Bible", and nothing else. It'll be a religious debate about God, "the mark of the Beast", numerology, "how to be saved", and so on. And the "reason side" of the debate will be dominated by economics, money and the business perspective, backed up technologists who see this as the first step towards "humanity V2". This is the plan.

99 % of humanity simply won't be "humans" anymore. "Being human" will be a commercial product that almost no-one can afford to buy. The only real humans left will be the super rich and a small technological elite that keeps the system running. And also you'll have "them", but humans or not, "they" have always lived in the "dream zone" and outside of the general human society, so I guess "they" don't count.

So, in other words I believe that humanity is screwed. Although it won't be the "end of the world", I would rather call the end result "Facepalming into the future". "They" surely have a plan for humanity after the chip, but it's "their" plan, not humanity's plan.

Most likely we'll see a chipped humanity travelling to the stars with the aim of "making money". This is the "facepalm future", where we'll still blindly run forwards without knowing the real reasons for our actions. We'll "run for the money" and will literally have "money" inside our heads.

Only "They" know the real reasons.



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